Tennis Rackets Used by Professional Tennis Players

Even the less experienced tennis player or simply the mere fan of this noble sport knows that a good percentage of the good results obtained during a match depend on having a good tennis racket. But despite their importance in the field, these precious tools are the victims of the anger of more than one player. However, let’s not forget that choosing a good tennis racket will provide the player with the power, precision and comfort necessary to develop the game with maximum precision and agility.

Tennis rackets as we know them today are the product of a significant evolution since their inception where we can point out an important turning point from the year 1967 when the first metallic tennis rackets appeared that will progressively replace the wooden ones since these they were stronger and lighter.

And it is that we cannot deny that to develop all the qualities that a professional tennis player possesses it is important that the racket has an appropriate weight without forgetting the importance of rigidity.

Graphite is currently the most important material when making a tennis racket since without increasing the weight it can make the racket as rigid as possible. We must not forget that new materials have also appeared such as glass, titanium, ceramic or boron fibers that are mixed with graphite for their properties.

In the market you can find tennis rackets of all kinds and designed for each type of player taking into account their power, the type of stroke and the game they develop. That is why we can say that in a certain way rackets also have their small role and are mentioned in almost all matches, becoming as popular as the players who hold them.

However, it must be noted that not everyone is prepared to use these tennis rackets used by elite players, although it is a real illusion for an amateur to own one.

Any self-respecting tennis player has her triumph linked to top-of-the-line brands such as Babolat, Head, Wilson, Dunlop or Prince and their different models. So that you can get an idea of ​​this, we have prepared a Top 10 list of tennis rackets that have accompanied the most outstanding figures to their triumph.

Head YouTek Graphene Speed

Of the five models of tennis rackets of the Head YouTek Graphene brand, only the Speed ​​Pro is the favorite in half the world and they have managed to win over Novak Djokovic who used it at the Australian Open. In the first place, it draws attention for offering unique control especially when hitting drops, difficult angles and volleys, but above all it is ideal for playing on fast surfaces. This racket is made with a very solid and light material that gives the possibility of generating speed in each stroke thanks to its good weight redistribution.

Babolat AeroPRO

This model and brand of tennis racket is designed to accompany players of the stature of Rafael Nadal. It stands out above all for being of great versatility, stability and excellent mobility that make a more precise game possible. This tennis racket is made of graphite and tungsten and thanks to the design of the Aero shaft, the racket can cut through the air faster.

Wilson Six One Tour

a model that accompanies one of the greats of this sport such as Roger Federer. Of this brand and model we can highlight the Wilson BLX version that thanks to its material made from basalt fibers is capable of reducing vibrations in each stroke without forgetting a high level of control.

Wilson Juise 100 BLx

The Wilson Juise 100 BLx racket took Azarenka to victory at the Austraila Open. If you doubt this racket that is somewhat harder than other known brands is ideal for players as aggressive as Azarenka. Likewise, this racket can stand out for being very light and for being ideal to increase power and effects of the plays.


An ideal model for the profile of a player like David Ferrer and above all it can stand out for its excellent EXO3 system that gives the athlete greater handling. This type of tennis racket provides the power and control that every professional looks for.

Head Youtek Extreme MP 2.0

This type of racket can perfectly fit with a profile such as Richard Gasquet, a baseline player, whose key is that the beads are wider than in other models on the market that achieve greater movement of the ball after impact.

Yonex RDS 001 MID Plus

For the Argentine player, David Nabaldian known for the best backhand shots in the world, this model has provided him with high performance. The characteristics that accompany this excellent design are designed to provide greater speed, control, reduce vibration and muscle fatigue, especially in long-term games.

Völkl DNX 9

For a player of the stature of Radek Stepanek. Perhaps we are facing one of the least popular models but for that reason it should not be underestimated since Völkl is one of the brands that cares the most about technology without forgetting that it has many years of experience. We can highlight the Catapult technology designed to achieve 30% more control of the ball.


Inseparable companion of Jelena Jankovic. This tennis racket is designed for high-level players like Jelena Jankovic since it is an aerodynamic model that provides greater speed and spin thanks also to the fact that the hitting area has been increased.

Fischer M Pro Number One 98

The ideal model for the player Ana Chakvetadze. This tennis racket model belongs to Fischer considered one of the best racquet brands in the history of tennis. Thanks to the fact that it uses basalt fiber extracted from volcanic stone, this racquet will provide unmatched precision. Let’s not forget also that this brand invented one of the most innovative systems in the world of tennis called the magnetic speed system to increase the output speed of the ball.

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