T-shirt printing machine easy start for your printing business online

Using a t-shirt printing machine you will have an affordable and easy way to create a custom design. Using a t-shirt printing machine would be a better way to start your own custom clothing business. You can consider buying a t-shirt printing machine also for your existing business. Here’s a follow-up guide on how to use a t-shirt printing machine.

Consider things before using a t-shirt printing machine

Turn on: T-shirt printing machines are often compatible with a standard home electrical socket. No need for adapters or separate outlets. When the heat press machine on the t-shirt arrives, simply plug it in and turn it on.

Set the temperature: Adjust the thermostat setting to the required temperature by the process you are using.

Set timer: The type of transfer and the blank can be anywhere from 45 seconds to 3 minutes. But it still is depending on your machine. If you use a printer directly from the garment, it will vary depending on the ink and fabric.

Open the press: Next, set your T-shirt down to the side where you put the design on your cloth. By pressing the button it will start work immediately.

Pre-warm or pre-press your clothing: This is sometimes an alchemical move. The way is using to remove any excess moisture or creases from the shirt. Some shirts come with pre-treatment wash and the heat press of the T-shirt helps to warm and glue the garment.

Transfer to paper: Place the transfer paper on the transferred t-shirt. You can use a combination of T-squares, rulers, and laser aligning tools. You can use custom cut templates to make sure each design is set up correctly.

Press off: Make sure the press locks properly. Some models use air pressure to help close and open the heat press of the T-shirt. Your hands should be free to do other heat press for shirts.

Start the timer: Your timer may start automatically when you turn on and press the start button. The timer is important to print design on a t-shirt quickly.

Open the press: When the timer is off, open the heat press of the T-shirt and peel the transfer paper from your shirt. Some t-shirt printing machine will open automatically. So this option will help you to save your clothes from burning injury.

T-shirt printing machine proper settings

Allow 24 hours for the t-shirt to dry before washing. If the transfer paper does not move easily, press again for another 5-10 seconds. To make sure the T-shirt is loading into the machine. You need to check that the tag is going to attach to the back of the T-shirt. Always test print before finalizing your design. You can often use regular parchment paper to press your design. You buy scrap cloth from the store to test before the final print. 

The test ensures that the colors will print correctly and gives you a good idea of how the final product will look. Practice with different blanks and transfers. If you fulfilling your customer orders you will comfort to get more orders. You will get more orders next time to deliver in a timely. And also you will have knowledge about mistakes.

Press to heat a DTG printed shirt

If you are using a t-shirt printing machine to set your DTG printed shirt, follow these steps:

  • Place the DTG printed shirt on top of the heat press
  • Lower the press for a hover
  • Leave on for 10-30 seconds depending on the size of the image
  • Open the heat press on your t-shirt
  • Place a release sheet on top of the shirt
  • Turn off the heat press on the T-shirt.
  • Use moderate pressure
  • Set the temperature to 340-345 Set 7
  • Leave on a dark T-shirt for 90 seconds
  • 45 seconds light (using Triton heat-press, Hetronics machine, or George Knight)

Heatronics Heat Press or Triton Heat Press on DTG Printed T-Shirt

Observe the pressure carefully and see the results. Do not close the press too tightly or too lightly. Once you put the revealing paper on top of the shirt, don’t move it around – you can wash the design. You can use parchment paper. It’s cheap but it doesn’t last as long as you can use the published paper over 100 times. Using a Teflon sheet will create a glossy coating on your design. The paper should slide once with the shirt. If it does not, turn off the press for another 5-10 seconds.

T-shirt print using blank

Not all T-shirts are suitable for use in heat press machines. If your uncertain test works well with blank supplier Sanma) or the Coleman & Company team use a heat press machine.

T-shirt printing machines are suitable for nylon, spandex, cotton, polyester, and lycra heat presses. Although there is each fabric type may have unique heat and pressure settings. But you need to spend little time to learn the basics.

Cost for a t-shirt printing

The average price for 1 color print on 100% cotton T-shirt ranges from $5.50 to $9.00. But it is depending on the number of shirts in the order. And you should have knowledge how much you are going to charge 1 color or more 6 colors. It will take less than 25 minutes to print order for a Sh2 shirt (Silent Hill 2 T-Shirts). It’s necessary to a charger at least $8.00 for 6 colors or at least $6.00

Best t-shirt printing machine

Here we found the best t-shirt printing machine that you can use for a long time. They are popular in the market and most of the professionals are using these machines for their t-shirt printing business. We assume and finally recommended to use this machine to satisfy you.

  1. PowerPress Industrial t-shirt printing machine – Quality Digital T-shirt Heat Press 15-by-15 Digital T-Shirt Printer
  2. Fancierstudio Power Digital T-shirt Printing Equipment 15 x 15 Sublimation

Machine types for printing on t-shirts

There are four types of printing machines that are using businesses. Machines are inkjet, laser, sublimation, and solvent printers. Solvent printers offer the best graphics but they are very expensive and can be too much for very small businesses. You consider other machines as well.

Screen printing at home

DIY screen printing is actually quite simple. The screen-printing is absolutely crucial for your DIY credit. It is like the gold standard. All you need is a strong light bulb. You need a few pieces of glass, and some screen printing ink to try the T-shirt printing technique at home and need the best screen printing machine. You should spend time on YouTube to look for good videos on screen printing at home.

  • Steps to follow to start an online T-shirt business
  • Find a niche for your online t-shirt business.
  • Design your own t-shirt
  • Give legitimacy to your t-shirt design
  • The source of your product
  • Print your design
  • Choose your business model
  • Set up your online presence

We hope this article gives you a brief overview of how to print t-shirts and how to use different types of t-shirt printers. We are trying to cover a little aspect above the T-shirt printing machine and its guide for quality printing. Read or bookmark the article to read next time before you start your t-shirt printing business.

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