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SUP Benefits You Need to know

Have you ever wondered what the Sup Tips is? Have you ever wondered why the pros use them? If you’re new to surfing or you just started, then you should consider learning more about the Sup Tips. I’ll explain what the Sup Tips is all about and gives you a great paddle drill to improve your riding and lower your score.

Revolutionary Paddle Board

The Sup Tips is a very simple yet revolutionary paddleboard technique that is not commonly taught in surf classes. Many people don’t even know it exists. But this new technique has been helping pro surfers for years and has even helped beginners get up the right posture for better riding.

The Sup Tips is not a complicated technique; in fact, it’s pretty easy to understand and apply. It only takes a few minutes a day to master the proper sup stance and positioning of the foot. With the proper sup stance, you can easily turn on the hips, take a big ollie and come down hard on your tail. I’m sure you’ll be able to feel the difference once you get a few practice rides in. Before start practicing buy the best and right SUP equipment from a reputed store like

Perfect Maneuvers

Many people who are trying to get better at their surfing often focus too much on getting good style and perfect maneuvers without focusing on the technique of how to land the perfect hit. When you’re doing your combos and performing all sorts of different moves, your body will tend to sway a lot from where you are standing. This leads to an off-balance and uncoordinated look. The goal with the sup tips is to get back in the correct position of the paddleboard so you are less likely to be affected by this sway.

The sup paddle technique is to have the heel of your paddle lower than your eyes. As you come down, you should lead your hips with your lower leg, so you actually come in contact with the blade. Keep the correct arm length, and rotate your shoulders as you come in to cut off any possible angles. To get yourself rolling correctly, use light pressure from your feet as you push off with your arms. As the blade starts to come into contact with the bottom of the board, do not allow it to move more than a couple of inches in either direction.

Inside Your Arms

At this point, it is very important to remember that you should not carry a handle or the paddle itself while riding. This is to keep everything inside your arms. As soon as the paddle starts to move, try to reverse the direction of the shaft and try to create an angle between the paddle shaft and the board. As you come in, make sure you lift both arms so you are perpendicular to the board and looking down the board. If you have trouble staying balanced when you are surfing, or find it difficult to perform this trick, then you can try to carry the handle by using your other hand.

Now, with the paddleboard behind you, and the shoulder-width apart (with the elbow resting on the elbow), it is time to execute the perfect uppercut. To do this, make sure you raise both your legs straight into the air, then flatten them onto the floor. From here, start rotating the shoulders while turning the upper torso until it points towards the sky. As you raise the legs higher, you will want to make sure you keep your shoulder-width apart. You will want to keep the elbow tight to the body, and you will perform the uppercut by angling the head almost straight backward.

The Center Of Gravity

To complete this, it is important to angle the hips so that the knee goes past the ankle. Once you have performed the perfect uppercut, you will want to take a high knee, and angle it far forward, towards where the center of gravity is. From here, simply turn to the side and perform a fake kick. This is done by turning the ankle so that the heel faces the inside and the knee is pointed far forward. With the correct body angles, executing the correct kicks can be done quite easily, and the Sup Yoga Bodyweight Program is easy for even beginners to follow.

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