Sun, Fun, and Relaxation: The 5 Best Cities to Retire in Florida

Have you been thinking about retirement? Studies show that the average American will retire at age 66. For many, the retirement period will last for several decades.

It’s important that you spend this time in a place you love. There’s a reason that Florida is a top destination for retirement. The warm weather, beautiful scenery, and relaxing vibe is unlike any other. 

If you’re searching for the best cities to retire in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. This article has the best Florida cities to retire in that you might enjoy. 

1. Tallahassee 

Located in the Northeastern region of Florida, the state capital Tallahassee is a laid back, beautiful area to live. Its historical background and family activities make it one of the best cities for your Florida retirement. 

If you’re looking for a safe, quiet area with accessible amenities and enjoyable scenery, look no further than Killearn Estates. This neighborhood is home to many families and has a private swim club, golf course, tennis club, and more. It is also easily accessible off of the highway and is close to many stores, churches, and restaurants. 

2. Sarasota 

Located in between Tampa and Ft. Myers, this gulf coast city has much to offer. Sarasota’s beautiful beaches and old-time feel are sure to make you feel right at home. 

Not only is Sarasota reminiscent of Old Florida, but it’s also a vibrant area with many activities, restaurants, and shops. You’ll find senior communities throughout the area and many opportunities to meet other retirees. To soak in the classic Florida atmosphere, plan your trip to Sarasota and look for your new home today. 

3. St. Augustine 

If you love rich history and culture, St. Augustine may be one of the best cities to live in Florida. As the oldest city in the country, you’ll find many historical landmarks, exciting sites, and cultural fun. 

This city lays in between Jacksonville and Daytona and is full of outdoor activities and unique sites. There are many places to walk and stay active both day or night. There are many high-quality senior living options and single-family homes that you will find in the area. 

4. The Villages

As one of the most exciting areas for retirees and those over the age of 55, The Villages is known for its luxurious retirement. Home to more than 110,000 people, the average age of residents is 67 years old. 

The Villages operates as a primary retiree community, and only permits people over the age of 55 to own a home. This area is widely considered the most fun place to live for seniors. With a new activity always around the corner, you’ll never get bored in this beautiful city. 

5. Boca Raton

Boca Raton is another top option for where to retire in Florida. As the Southernmost city in Palm Beach County, you’ll find high-end establishments and relaxing views all around. 

Boca Raton was built around a Master Plan with strict zoning and signs for optimal safety. You’ll find many historic sites, white sand beaches, and beautiful parks. Boca Raton is also home to a wide range of restaurants, shops, and gated communities for seniors.

Explore the Best Cities to Retire in Florida 

Every retiree deserves a relaxing, happy, and fulfilling retirement. By living in any of these cities, you can enjoy your next chapter. Explore the best cities to retire in Florida and plan your future today. 

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