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The power of heat can do wonders in our lives. Have you ever thought how beautifully it helps you style your messy hair in no time? The task that you believed impossible a moment ago became possible with your heat styling tool. Now, as beneficial as it appears, it has a lot of cons too. Most of you are well aware of those.

You being here proves that you want to know how one can deal with the damages done by heating. This article will be a proper guide for you in minimizing the damaging effect of heating, and the way to style your looks safely. 

Make sure you stay with us till the end. Now, without further ado, let’s get started with our guide. 

1.         Universal laws of Heat Styling

(i)         Use Professional Grade Appliances

If you want to style like a professional, never compromise with the quality of your appliance. Choose the best grade professional appliances for styling. 

(ii)        Temperature Settings are a necessity

Avoid appliances with a single heat setting. You need different heat settings for different jobs. Get a heating tool with adjustable temperature modes. 

(iii)       Protection first

Protection is very important. Before every heat styling, wear a thermal protection lotion to minimize damage and get hold of your style. 

(iv)       Do not overdo 

Limit your routine of heat styling to only two times a week. 

(v)        Objective: Desired Look in Minimal Time

The main objective of your heat styling should be to get the desired look in minimal possible time.

(vi)       Know when to Stop

If heat styling isn’t suiting you at all, you should know, it’s time to pull the plug. Notice for any sings of split ends or chronic dryness.

(vii)      Sometimes a little delay can be better

Depending upon the thickness and strength of your hair, the tolerable temperature can vary from low to high. 400° F is more than enough temperature for any hairstyle. Do not rush and try to save time by increasing temperature, or you may get your hair sizzled. Using a cooler too longer can help you save your hair from damage while giving a great look at the same time.

Now, comes our tool guide. This is how you can style safely with a specific tool.

2.         The Blow Dryer

One of the easiest and the most common heating tool out there which is preferred by both genders. 

(i)         Use Attachments

A dryer with a nozzle attachment helps you focus over a spot, while the diffuser attachment lets you have a thorough reach. It’s better to work with both. 

(ii)        Maintain a minimum Distance

While using a dryer, make sure you keep the appliance at least 6” away from your hair. 

(iii)       Stop focusing heat

Do not focus the heat constantly over a certain spot; keep it moving and try to avoid drier, and rough ends.

(iv)       Move along the ends

Do not ruffle your cuticles and direct the air from the roots towards the ends of your hair grain. 

(v)        Rough Dry

In case you are in a hurry, rough dry your hair at minimal heat away from your head.

3.         The Flat Iron

Ever wondered why the modern appliances plates are well coated with ceramics, titanium, or tourmaline? Well, since our hair isn’t in a desirable condition mostly, the coating is there to help us flat iron hair in the safest possible way. 

(i)         Blow-dry your Hair first

It’s better to blow dry your hair first before flat-ironing them. This makes the ironing even smoother.

(ii)        Use a hold hairspray post-ironing

Do not use a hold hairspray before ironing since it causes dryness or can turn into worse situations if you have your hair bleached. 

(iii)       Go extra careful on your hairline

Overheating your hair can leech out the moisture and can lead to breakage and hair shedding. So, it’s better not to overheat your hair.

(iv)       Know when to stop using a flat-iron

Overusing a scratched flat iron can lead to overheating, which results in hair damage. So when you see the plates getting scratched, you should know it’s time to get a new one.

4.         The Curling Wand

These are no less than a magical wand. However, due to our carelessness and desires, we often end up hating them. So, here are some basics to get you through.

(i)         Working with Sections

Use the wand horizontally to create volume and vertically when you want to highlight length.

(ii)        Size of the barrel

The size of the barrel does matter. A barrel having a diameter of an inch or an inch and a quarter is standard for use.

(iii)       Notice the number

To get springy curls, you need to bend the hair around the barrel at least thrice. On the other hand, soft waves and flips can be obtained in one or two wraps. 

(iv)       Invest in Gloves

It’s always healthy to invest in safety first. A little investment can help you a lot as heat gloves will not only protect your fingers, but it can also help you curl up your hair efficiently. 

So, these were the tips on how to handle your heat styling tool efficiently. Other than that, if you are tired of having so many heating appliances at your home, you can always go for a high-quality all-in-one tool like Babyliss Multi-Style. Follow the above-mentioned tips and stay healthy.

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