Strategies for Discovery Data

Businesses are popping up all across the United States. Being a business owner has become synonymous with what it means to realize the American dream. Whatever the industry, people are stepping out on dreams of making it big, while working in a field that they love.

One of the things to remember when becoming a business owner is that you need to utilize the best technology on the market to succeed. One of these pieces of tech, as provided by industry leaders like TIBCO, is discovery data. We’ll provide strategies on how best to use this type of data.

Customer Service


When you utilize discovery data for business purposes, this can help your company excel on a variety of fronts. To begin with, discovery data is a form of studying the analytics compiled by your company from endless mounds of data. Insurance industries and even financial services use this method of data combing to evaluate data from various sources, to understand trends and patterns within the data. Going through such a method requires you to go through a progression of steps that organizations can use as a framework to understand this data. One leading provider of data software, TIBCO, has provided various examples of how data storage can be best used by some of the leading business enterprises of North America.

With data discovery, you can make informed business decisions by bringing such data together for the sake of improving customer service. Let’s say that you run an insurance company. Maybe your insurance agents in the field are stating that many of your customers don’t enjoy a set of discount options that your company has recently employed. This information has been received in a short time frame and is fairly fresh as it comes from your insurance agents. Ultimately you want to take the data taken from your customers first hand and have it go through the data discovery process. This will allow you to pare down what’s not working with the new discounts, and provide you with some important market insight in the process. Through this form of data management, you’ll be able to take your customer’s complaints and suggestions in mind, leading to better decisions about your insurance company’s discount initiatives.

Product Issues

Using discovery data can also help you to review data for any possible product issues. Utilizing the data discovery process, you can find out which items or materials aren’t doing the best. This type of data can be used to focus on subtle product issues, which might be reflected by returns or failures. Imagine that you have a trend of products which are being returned by customers. Maybe you run a financial services business and have provided your users with a new mobile app, with which they can follow investments or maybe bank records. Your software is glitching for some reason or another, and you begin to receive unstructured data from the software problems.

This data can be investigated through the data discovery process, to find the root of the problem. In a short time frame, you might even be able to locate the problem. When you have a way to sift through streams of data if an issue arises, then you can cut it off at the pass. You don’t need to be the CEO of discovery data to understand how this can be beneficial for you and your company.

Internal Change


Discovery data can also help a company change from the inside. Just like in the case of customer service, discovery data can assist a business with determining what can be fixed within itself. Sifting through different types of data that discovery data focuses on will help a company to realize where it probably needs help.

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