Steps To Ensure Successful IVF Pregnancy

The comparatively newer mark in artificial Successful IVF Pregnancy has certainly been IVF – In- Vitro Fertilization which is an assisted reproductive technology, thought upon after seeing the increasing cases of infertility all across the globe. A lot of factors share the joint responsibility for infertility which could be, unhealthy lifestyle, trying to conceive at an older age, stress, and many other underlying problems. With so many hurdles at sight, IVF permits the couple to have a chance of a healthy pregnancy by developing the embryo outside the body, ridding it free from all the anomalies of the parents, and then transferring it to the uterus for healthy, further development. This surely increases the possibility of Successful IVF Pregnancy, however, certain steps should be undertaken to ensure the success of this mode of fertilization and for a healthy pregnancy, which is as discussed below: 

Make an informed decision:

  1. The foremost step towards ensuring a healthy and successful pregnancy via IVF is to select the best IVF center in Delhi or any other place you’re residing in. All the centers differ from each other based on the skills of technicians, the experience of the doctors, etc. Before deciding upon a clinic, make sure to gather the following information: 
  • The ratio of the pregnancy per embryo transfer
  • The certification of the doctors and accreditation of the clinic
  • IVF treatment cost in Delhi and any other place
  • The number of successful pregnancies and childbirth under the name of the clinic. 

A healthy lifestyle solves it all:

  1. One of the most persistent reasons for infertility in young couples is the unhealthy lifestyle that is so predominant in today’s world. Couples undertaking or planning to undertake IVF treatment should essentially focus on living a healthy lifestyle to increase the possibility of a positive outcome. A healthy and fit couple surely will have a direct impact on the sperm quality and production of ovum, facilitating fairly good chances of a healthy offspring. Since the embryo obtains all the nutrients from the mother’s body, it is crucial for the mother to be healthy. Females should keep a check on their health by using proper sanitary napkins during periods to avoid any infection and maintain proper hygiene. 

Good food is the right way:

  1. Like during a normal Successful IVF Pregnancy, it is a must for the expecting mothers to keep a check on the food they intake to ensure the good health of the unborn, similarly, a female going with IVF procedure should take immense care about the intake of food. It is advisable to eat a balanced diet at all times full of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and regular vegetables. While choosing any food, the glycemic index of the food should be considered as a lower glycemic index means easy to digest and vice versa. At times, the ladies can also consult the doctor for any additional vitamins or supplements that can be taken for better results. 

Puff away smoking and liquor consumption:

  1. While smoking and alcohol consumption is never beneficial for the overall health, it is extremely risky for the health of the unborn, also hampering with the success rate of the treatment. The couples should be prohibited from smoking or drinking at least 3 months before treatment. Apart from this, excess consumption of caffeine also proves to be dangerous for the success of an IVF treatment.

Keep a check on Stress Levels:

  1. A happy, comfortable, and stress-free environment is highly necessary for the success of IVF treatment as well as for the healthy life of both mother and infant. Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways to lower the stress level along with maintaining the health of the expecting mother. 

Above all, it is appreciated and essential for the couples to get ready with the overall process of IVF. They should be aware of all the steps involved in the procedure and risks involved therein if any. 

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