Step By Step Guide to make music videos

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Besides this, if you want to know how to make a music video, then there is a complete guide which you should know.

Step- 1 Research your topic even if you know it

When you do a tutorial, without giving a last review to your topic, you can get things that you have not considered, such as an update, new tools that exist or something that you do not have in mind and that can be useful information at the time that our audience sees the tutorial.

Step – 2Anticipate the tools you will need and get them

There are few things as frustrating as being about to record and realizing that your microphone is not working, that the screen recorder has only medium quality, or some other obstacle, wasting valuable time. Although it depends a lot on the type of tutorial you are going to do

Step 3 Prepare for editing and recording

This is where a tutorial differs from a class or course, in the latter you have to first make an outline so that the video has the topics ordered as well as a script.

Not in a tutorial, but you should prefer to do this process later, because you will show your audience step by step how to reach a result, so you should always start with filming or screen recording label agreement as the case may be and later explain how you got to the narrating your actions.

It is important to do a mini test tutorial, in order to anticipate any possible complication or damage, anything that may be missing.

Step 4: Record or Film the tutorial

Dedicate one paragraph to filming / recording the tutorial, this is because the test is actually more laborious, at this stage you will follow the same workflow as the previous step, but already recording definitively.

In this step, don’t worry too much if you make a mistake and have to repeat it, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be useful.

The tutorial that brings the most visits to your page is the one that you consider the worst of your videos.

Step 5: Make the video and audio edits

This step implies as a preliminary measure that you make sure everything was recorded, there are no areas where you cannot hear yourself or what you were doing and that you have selected the parts that you are going to use.

Make notes of the seconds or minutes of video that you are going to delete.

Step 6: Export the video

Now that you have finished editing your video in the program, it is time to export it and convert it to a multimedia file.

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