Some Great Home DIY Projects to Try Out

Being able to build your own decorations and features for the home is a fantastic way to save money, to impress guests and to pass the time. Whether you’re creating an ornament, something more practical or a piece of furniture, this will always serve as a challenging and rewarding process and as a great conversation piece when people come round.

As such then it’s a great idea to look into home DIY projects, and even if you don’t consider yourself great at DIY currently it can be a lot of fun just tinkering and improving over time. To this end, let’s look at some of the easiest and most fun DIY projects you can get started with.

Water Features

Did you know that building a water feature is actually relatively easy once you have the right parts? Particularly something like a waterfall or fountain is really just a matter of building a construction and adding a pump and a pipe. The pump will work by using pressure to funnel the water up the pipe, and then it will spill out the top in order to run down and collect back in your reservoir. It’s possible to buy many readymade pieces for home water features, and you can then add to these with rocks from the beach, pieces of driftwood and LED lighting to create a completely unique feature.


Making your own pottery is something you may not be able to do on your own, but if you have an interest then there are many different classes that can help you through the process and provide the raw materials freely. Look into spinning pottery, or alternatively into ceramics which will teach you to paint readymade pottery. While you’re at it you can also use these same classes to make China ornaments or even your own mugs.


Creating your own furniture is perhaps one of the bigger challenges when it comes to home DIY projects but it’s not impossible. Here you will need just basic woodwork skills but these can be developed as you go – buy planks of wood and sand down the corners before attaching them with wooden pegs, wood glue and a drill and screws. If you don’t feel confident enough to start from scratch then you could begin by modifying an existing piece of furniture, or even by converting something else into a piece of furniture – for instance you could try attaching legs to a suitcase and end up with a very bohemian-feeling coffee table.

Picture Frames and Decorations

3D Printing is a service that allows you to upload a digital blueprint to a website and then have whatever that item is cut into the material of your choice using lasers. This means you can create all kinds of metal, plastic, China or even silver ornaments that will look precisely the way you want them to. Use this to create your own picture frames, your own lamp shades, your own ornaments and much more. Of course, many of these things can also be made with good old-fashioned arts and crafts, it’s really a matter of what you’re going for.

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