Smart TV Vs. Streaming Devices

Black Friday is near, and it’s the best time to grab on all the fantastic deals on electronic items that will stay with you for good. Or it can be the best gift for Christmas this year. Since all of us were practically glued to our screens this year watching our favorite movie. 

But the more time we spent in front of our screen, the more we became aware of our devices’ flaws and specifications. This lead to alot of us suddenly taking an interest in streaming related gadgets that are currently trending. 


As the streaming wars are in action, there is a separate war going on between all the streaming devices and Smart TVs. They all have their own set of flaws and issues, but one of them is better than the other. 

We are at that time where only Cable TV is not enough. Online streaming services have conveniently replaced it with the help of streaming devices, which can turn your regular LED TV into an in-house theater. 


But when we talk about comparing the two categories of gadgets, which one is better? What is it that The streaming devices have that Smart TV does not and vice versa? In this blog, we will make a thorough comparison of who is a better movie night companion, a Smart TV or an external streaming device?


Let’s begin with the kind of device you own right now. If you own a regular TV, all you have to do is get an additional streaming device like Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and Apple TV. Besides Apple TV, which costs from $149-$179, all the other services are under $40. In contrast, Smart TV costs start at almost $500+.

This is pretty self-explanatory as to who is in the lead regarding pricing here. But if you already own a Smart TV, then you don’t have to worry about cost at all. 

App Compatibility

Recently Roku dissociated itself from Hulu on their older devices, causing alot of inconvenience to users as they had to get a newer version. Similarly, other streaming devices have selected content available on their system until recently; they broadened up their horizon. But mainstream platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC, etc., are easily found here. 

On the other hand, Smart TV is neutral in this regard. You can find all the apps and platforms here. You can even find Disney Plus on Smart TV, a service launched very recently which was available immediately after it’s release. But the older models still have compatibility problems and may become obsolete soon. 

Device Performance

This is a 50/50 matter. Having a bigger device does not mean that it will perform well, and having a smaller device does not mean that it will compromise on the quality. 

Since the purpose of the streaming device is to provide an outstanding HD or 4K experience, it may even outdo your regular Smart TV. But then it depends if you own the best latest version of a Smart TV. When it comes to sound and picture quality, your TV and the internet are the ones responsible for it. So make sure you have invested in it as well. 

Final Thoughts

If we compare both the devices after this, the competition is neck to neck. Both of them are equally important and hold an important place in regards to streaming. When it comes to picking the winner, we have a clear cut tie here. 

Somethings are missing in Smart TV that streaming devices fulfill, and the same is for streaming devices. You can never find everything on a single device, some items will remain unchecked on the checklist, and it’s okay. 

If you already own a Smart TV, we would highly recommend you get an additional streaming device; it’s cheap and won’t cost you an arm. But sadly, we can’t say the same for Smart TV. If you don’t have one, no need to get one. Save your money. But if you find it to be an investment, go ahead with it. 

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