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Slim FitDress Shirts– a Guide

Most men will know what dress shirts are: the more formal version of a shirt for men. A shirt wit buttons and sleeves. What you may not know is that they come in three major styles; standard fit, slim fit, and athletic fit (or super slim fit). Nowadays the slim fit (fitted) shirt is one of the most popular models around.

The standard fit is a dress shirt designed for men with regular sizes. Actually the standard fit used to be the only fit in the old days. If one wanted a fitted shirt one would have to apply darts to the back of the shirt at a upholstery shop. The super slim fit is designed exclusively for men with athletic bodies. Slim fit dress shirts are generally designed for men with smaller frames – or said otherwise with a broader torso than waist.

Choose the Right Size

When it comes to choosing a dress shirt that fits snug, one needs to know the right fit that corresponds with your body build. The simplest method to do so is take measurements of your neck, sleeve, chest, and waist line (belly). In general we advise to add at least 12-18cm’s to the torso circumference and 8-12cm’s to the waistcircumference for the best fit. Lower margins are for lighter people weighing 60-80 kgs, above this we advise to add some more cm’s allowing you to move and sit without breaking a sweat. The best advise is to always try on the shirt before you buy it.

Slim Fit Dress Shirts for Men

The term tailored slim fit dress shirt, as the name suggests is a dress shirt which is tailored for men with leaner bodies. To find yourself a tailored slim fit shirt you can visit a shop or filter the online catalogue and search for slim fit, tailored fit, Italian fit or modern fit.

Slimfit dress shirts seem to originally come from Italy where tighter fitting shirts were required for a modern look. Slimmer bodies want more personalized fittings eliminating the extra hanging fabric around the waist.

A normal slim fit shirt is tapered towards the bottom. The chest and the shoulder area have more room than the lower waistline and mid section. It gets narrowerr when going down further.  Slim fit dress shirts are made out of non-stretchable material, however fabrics with a cotton and elastane blend are more common an allow for an even more slim fit fitting. Body fit is a term now widely used which means that the shirts are slim fit, but slim fitted around the body (snug fitting).

Most of popular shirt brands offer at least three fits being, a classic or regular fit, a modern or slim fit version of the shirt that is slightly tapered and a more tapered or stretchy version.

A number of brands offer the service where you can get a slim fit dress shirt tailor-made as per your measurements. Other than brands, there are regular tailors out there that take all your measurements and stitch shirts according to the measurements to give men a perfect fit.

Slim Fit and Tailored what is different?

The greatest difference between regular dress shirts and slim fit dress shirts lies in the allowance of adjustments in the area of the neck, waist, shoulders, arms, and torso. Slim fit shirts already have darts applied in the factory. Tailored shirts are more often hand made and thus have the darts applied based on your body measurements. Take for example shirts that are made in Europe, Italy, Rome, Amsterdam Herenkleding and Paris.

Regular slim fit dress shirts have a greater margin of being tapered down or increased in size as per the customer’s requirements but the tailored fit shirts, once they have been personalized according to the personal needs of the customer are no longer left with a lot of margin for further adjustments.

Last but not the least, tailored slim fit dress shirts provide customers the opportunity to wear shirts made out of stretchable material, befitting their body sizes perfectly without chest bulging out and cuff links breaking down or collars choking the neck.

Just like women get their dresses made-to-order as per their requirements, tailored slim fit dress shirts provide an opportunity to the men to get dress shirts made specifically for their sizes.

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