Semi Truck Accidents: The Most Dangerous Crashes

In 2019, there were more than 500,000 reported crashes involving large trucks. It’s pretty obvious that driving a semi truck on the road is a dangerous endeavor.

Your moving several tons of metal at fast speeds next to a bunch of other speeding vehicles. But what makes a semi truck so dangerous? And how can you avoid getting into any semi truck accidents?

These are great questions. And we have the answers that you are looking for. So keep on reading and we will take you through everything that you will want to know!

Driver or Human Error

One of the most common causes of semi truck accidents is driver error. This can include driver confusion, when a driver fails to check their blind spots before switching lanes, and speeding.

A truck driver can be negligent, distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another very common cause is driver exhaustion.

Truck drivers need to abide by Hours of Service policies that decide how long they can be driving during each trek. Still, many work overtime and go on trips that span very long distances. 

When a driver is fatigued, they are more likely to make careless mistakes. 

Overspeeding/ Overtaking

When you’re job is to transport goods from one place to another, you usually need to do so in a certain amount of time. Truck drivers often find themselves racing against the clock to deliver their goods so that they can start the next job. Traffic jams and poor weather conditions can really slow things down.

Drivers will normally go above the speed limit so that they make it to their destinations on time. Overtaking by these large trucks at fast speeds forces oncoming drivers in smaller vehicles to veer off the road and possibly crash.

Also, when a driver speeds, they won’t be able to react as effectively. They might not be able to break in time and crash into the vehicle in front of them if someone stops short. 

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is unfortunately very common among truck drivers. While the amount of time that truck drivers work are decided and limited by the law, they still tend to take on demanding schedules and long hours.

Some truck drivers drink a lot of coffee or take other stimulants to help them stay away through the night. Also, truck drivers are usually paid in a way that incentives them to be as fast as possible. This can create conditions that are unsafe and unhealthy for them.

A truck driver might even drive at fast speeds in dangerous weather conditions just to make a deadline. This can lead to truck drivers ignoring proper driving techniques, losing focus, and possibly crashing.

Failing To Secure Loads

Whatever goods your truck is carrying, it is very important that the product is packed carefully. It needs to be secured so that the weight is distributed evenly across the vehicle. 

If you don’t do this correctly then the weight can become disproportionate. When you turn or try to stop, your truck could end up flipping over.

Also, if the product is not stored on a flyer or tied down correctly then it could fly off of the trailer and onto the road, hitting another car. 

Low Filled Liquid Loads

A lot of trucks move liquids like oil and gas. These vehicles are built to hold a certain amount of liquids before they are full.

It can be very dangerous to keep the vehicle partly full. The liquids can splash around in the truck and cause the vehicle to tilt from one side to the other. Also, if the liquid moves too fast, it could cause the driver to lose control of the truck and get into an accident.

Lack Of Training

There is a lot of demand for truck drivers. This became especially apparent during the coronavirus pandemic when a lot more people were having things delivered to their homes. 

Because trucking companies are racing to fill open truck accident lawyer, they often don’t take the time to train their new employees. This can lead to intense and dangerous accidents. Before a truck driver is allowed to drive semi truck on the road, they need to put in a certain amount of training hours.

They also need to meet certain requirements. However, not all drivers are going to follow these rules. This leads to more drivers driving big trucks on the road without being fully equipped. 

Lack Of Maintenance

A trucking company needs to maintain its trucks and keep them in a good condition. However, this can be costly and truck owners might try to cut corners. 

If a semi truck is not maintained properly, it might malfunction on the road. This can cause major traffic issues and also lead to crashes. Of course, if you do get into a semi truck accident, it is important that you hire a semi truck accident lawyer.

The Importance of Knowing Why Semi Truck Accidents Are So Dangerous

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of why semi truck accidents are so dangerous. As we can see, it’s easy for a driver to get into an accident and they need to make sure that they are being safe and responsible.

Are you looking for other helpful articles like this one? If you are then you should definitely check out the rest of our blog today!

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