Running Boards Reviews and Buying Guide

Running boards are popular accessories that offer you a lift into your vehicle. Whether you’re replacing damaged steps on your existing truck or adding a step for the first time to your Jeep, it’s important to choose the right type of boards for your situation. Compare custom running boards for trucks and other vehicles today before shopping online for a quality set.
Compare Materials

Most running boards are made of either steel or aluminum. Some poor quality running boards are made of plastic, but these aren’t recommended for long-lasting use in a work vehicle or off-road rig. It’s better to invest in a metal option to avoid breaking your boards on the first bump.

Aluminum running boards are lightweight and surprisingly durable. They aren’t as likely to bend or rust, but a large amount of force can cause them to crack. Steel running boards are less prone to cracking, but instead bend and can be bent back to their original shape in many cases. They may be less expensive, but are typically heavier and require more maintenance to prevent rust.

Consider Step Style
The step material and shape affect the safety of your truck step bars, so it’s important to choose carefully. Check out plastic steps if you need a budget-friendly option that holds up in poor weather and can provide good traction. Rubber pads are an even better option in most situations, including poor weather conditions.

Some running boards offer one or two steps just under the doors of your truck, while others offer a full-length traction pad. A larger traction pad and wider board offer a more convenient step but are less convenient when you’re working on your truck or navigating rough trails.

Running Boards vs. Nerf Bars

Most truck drivers and off-road adventurers are diehard followers of one of these two-step options. Both running boards and nerf bars have great advantages and disadvantages, so don’t rule out an entire category too quickly.

Running boards are primarily a step, so they are usually flatter, wider and more comfortable to use. Nerf bars have a traction pad, but are primarily a protective device. These durable side bars help protect your undercarriage and side panels from slamming into a rock, tree or other debris out on the trail.

The verdict is that both options are great for trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. Compare brands and styles from both kinds to find the shape, cost and features you love. You can’t go wrong with either style, so consider your driving habits before placing your order.

Look for the Right Fit Online

There’s nothing worse than going to install nerf bars and realizing they don’t fit your vehicle. Shop online to avoid this frustrating event. Sort nerf bars and running boards to only see parts that fit your make and model of vehicle. Read customer reviews online to get firsthand information from proud owners of these truck accessories. Customer reviews and product specifications offer you peace of mind as you shop around a huge online store to get great deals on reliable auto parts.

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