Going to the rehab is never the first thought one wakes up with. Unfortunately, despite being addicted people need some rehabilitation; they are rarely those whose initiative was to start treatment. That is quite obvious as being addicted a person can’t think with a sober mind about the addiction and the need to get rid of it. Humans are quite weak at making such decisions. Especially when we talk about drug abuse.

Statistics claim that the majority of men get into rehabs centres as a result of court decisions after they committed a crime while women get there because of the initiative of health care agents. However, neither men nor women knock on the rehab’s door early in the morning with a suitcase in their hand in order to ask for treatment. drug rehab centers are never a blue dream of addicted people.

The way a person suffering from addiction thinks distorts the vision of this world. The big problem is that addicted people do not want to admit their problem. They believe that they can cope with the problem on their own, without resorting to a special institution. In fact, some do.

In addition, society is accustomed to stamping on alcoholics, drug addicts or other addicts. Even living near a rehabilitation center, the addict is unlikely to think “I’m going to drug rehab near me.” It is difficult for a person to dare to turn to a specialist, because it is a revelation of their own weakness.

However, many people become patients by following the example of others. For example, some visit special centers at religious organizations. Also quite popular are the 12 step programs, which are a kind of ladder from addiction to a healthy, social, and sober life.

In fact, applying to any type of institution is extremely important, because it provides an opportunity for development. Addiction, in fact, is characterized by the inability to control the consumption of certain substances, even if there is such a desire. Therefore, external assistance is important.

Grounds for Visiting Rehabs

Reading this article, probably, means that you are thinking of getting rehabilitation, which is an extremely important initiative. Even if the expert will tell you that you did not have to, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, never feel shame for googling “drug counseling near me” and visiting the expert. However, here are some evident reasons for skipping this step and moving directly to “drug rehabs near me” requests:

1. Life Danger. According to the statistics, the United States had 67,367 drug overdose deaths in 2018, 46,802 of which were opioid overdoses. This number is higher than the number of blue coats killed in the Vietnam War. Isn’t that scary? The number of deaths because of alcohol poisoning or other alcohol-related issues is even higher at 10%. These data are a serious ground for everyone, who over consume alcohol, to stop and think about rehabilitation.

2. Engagement in Community. Many people think that getting rid of addiction presupposes complete isolation from any opportunity to drink, isolation from meetings with family and friends, from celebrations, and many other activities. In fact, one of the first tasks of any rehab programme includes socialisation on the addicted person. This hard-hitting complex way requires emotional support, which could be received only through human communication.

Anonymous meetings of alcoholics and narcotics are often depicted in TV movies in a comic way. However, such meetings are an effective instrument in the fight against addiction. Have you ever asked yourself why one of those drug rehab centers near me functions for so many years? Because it is effective. Professional psychologists, who are able to shape the communication in a very specific way, conduct the meetings. In addition, anonymity helps to avoid embarrassment.

The beneficial point here is that such meetings are changing with time, so that a patient can get used to the company and then he or she can detect the personal issues to work on. A patient is not an object of treatment. He or she can learn to solve personal issues in his or her own way. In addition, a person can feel his or her being necessary for others to overcome addiction. Various support exercises and social events promote this.

3. Financial Benefits. This might seem inappropriate as human health is priceless. Still it might be motivation for some people. In fact, the sums of money that a person pays for drugs or lifelong wastes for alcohol is not the only factor, which should be taken into account. Firstly, the cost of treatment of illnesses developed because of abuse, including traumas should be added. Secondly, a sober person can go to work and top off the family coffers. What do we have on the other side? Sums of money spent on detoxification, some expenses for being in a recovery centre (in case you can’t afford it, you might google some “not inpatient drug rehab near me”), and some money spent on further treatment. The mathematics is simple here.

4. Comfortable Emotional Environment. Addiction is one out of top 3 reasons for divorce. In fact, confessing you have some problems might be another step to make your relationship better. Your partner will feel your trust and would become your first support. However, if you know you are addicted and deny to admit it, once your spouse might feel fed up with an inappropriate attitude from your side and leave you.

Relationships with parents, children, and friends also work in a similar way. A small child, who knows that the parent is ill and needs some help will be more likely to help and feel appreciated, than the one watching constant fights between parents and feeling unwanted. Some types of treatment usually cover family relationships and involve the beloved ones in order to avoid miscommunication and pave the way to a better understanding of each other’s needs.

5. Life Opportunities. Frankly speaking, an addicted person has small chances to achieve a lot in this life. Firstly, because they have less years to live. Expectancy of life varies from country to country but anywhere it is shorter for those who suffer from addiction. In addition, the physical and cognitive abilities are deteriorating as a consequence of addiction. Once you might not be able to think of a way to your dreams anymore. Therefore, if you want to fulfil your dreams it is better to focus on them than on another glass of whiskey.

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