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Restaurant booths seating really can make a restaurant more profitable

Restaurant booths create a win-win situation for restaurants and their consumers. Not only will the restaurant look beautiful and have more customers, but customers will enjoy their dining experience a little more and increase the amount they spend on the establishment.

What would you choose if offered a regular table seat or padded restaurant booths? Will you take a seat in the booth? Well, almost everyone does.

Here are six excellent booth seating ways to improve restaurants, make them more profitable, and ensure a better customer dining experience.

1) Comfortable and warm

Most restaurant booths seat has upholstered foam padding that makes them more comfortable than solid wood back chairs, and comfort is a big part of most people’s dining experience. Therefore, satisfied customers often equal happy customers.

2) Special dinner, VIP feeling

We all love restaurant booths because they make us feel that we are different from the rest of the restaurant, that we are somehow special or lucky. Even when we’re out in public, most of us like some personal space to enjoy our time with our family and friends, and booth seating allows us to do just that.

3) Accommodate more guests per square foot

Restaurant Booths can be set back, so they take up less space than a table and chair configuration. With booths, you don’t have to worry about leaving plenty of room for guests and waiting for staff to walk between tables and chairs.

4) Restaurant booths generate more revenue

Research in the US shows that customers who sat at booths spent an average of $17.75 more than customers who sat at freestanding tables and chairs. In reality, some customers spend more time in their booth and therefore buy more courses and drinks, while others choose more expensive dishes for their more costly seats.

5) Creative layout

The great thing about restaurant booths is that they can be designed differently to divide the restaurant, create different atmospheres, and make a great interior design. Apart from traditionally lining the back of the booth, ‘floating’ booths can create a fantastic look in the restaurant’s center.

6) Custom design

The design options with booths are almost endless. Create beautiful restaurant booths by choosing from upholstery patterns, flat panels, wood finishes, trims, covers, and other accessories such as booth partitions.

Common mistakes that you must evade when buying restaurant booths

Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or opening your bistro, cafe, or restaurant for the first time, there are many things you may overlook or think about. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes even experienced, or seasoned diners make when buying restaurant booths.

1. Space matters

There should be convenience in restaurants, bars, and cafes for your guests and patrons. Before shopping for restaurant booths and dining tables, you must conduct a fair survey of your existing space. Overfilling is easy – and you want to maximize comfort and practicality as much as you want to emphasize a distinctive look and feel.

2. Measurement

While you are, of course, completely free to buy, mix and match different restaurant booths and tables to fit your restaurant, you need to provide them in a way that doesn’t restrict the movement of your customers. Also, think about judiciously matching the booths you buy so that the seats sit nicely in front of the tables – our catalog has many ideas to help you.

3. Customer focus

One of the essential aspects of a restaurant – besides the food, of course – is the atmosphere. You will always have an excellent idea of ​​what you’re aiming for – which will clash with unevenly organized or confused and unfocused visitors. Comfort doesn’t just come from the great seating of restaurant booths – which you should also focus on – decor and style. Get the client’s feedback to know whether they are inspired to return for another visit.

4. Go green

More of us are now more environmentally conscious than ever. Our collection at Restaurant Furniture Plus focuses on durability and precision as it creates a striking new look. Your focus should be on durable, long-lasting, and great-looking booths – functional and responsible – that adapt over the years and thus minimizes the chance of wastage. Be more conscious of your choices.

Where to buy the best restaurant booths?

We at “Restaurant furniture plus” deliver various restaurant booths in multiple colors, styles, patterns, and materials. Some of them are tufted booths, upholstered booths, vinyl booths, plain back booths, horizontal channel back booths, veneer booths, melamine booths, wooden booths, etc., at affordable prices without compromising quality. Choose from dozens of options that will look great in your restaurant. And if you find an existing product you like, we can create a custom-made restaurant booth in our factory.

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