Recruiting Just Got Easier with These Social Media Platforms

If your company is looking to update its hiring process, you may be considering utilizing social media as a means of recruiting quality candidates to apply for jobs. While social media has been used to recruit candidates for years, the ever-changing updates to social media platforms have made the recruitment process even more effective.

If you want to begin doing some recruitment marketing via social media or increase your company’s social media recruitment strategies, there are some specific social media platforms you should focus on. Utilize these social media platforms to make your recruiting efforts easier:


When you think of social media platforms related to jobs and recruiting, you probably think of LinkedIn first, and for good reason. It is still the top social media platform for recruiting quality candidates, and a majority of companies and recruiters have used LinkedIn to hire candidates and will continue to in the future.

Your company should be sure to keep their LinkedIn profile up to date. For even better recruiting results, if your company doesn’t have one already, you should create a LinkedIn life page to really give interested candidates a solid picture of your company. You can also ask current employees to link to your company’s employment site for a holistic approach. 


Instagram as a social media platform in general is taking off right now, and employers should follow suit in utilizing the reach and influence of Instagram to reach their target audience of job applicants. While Instrgram may be popular with more careers and fields than others, it cannot hurt to utilize a very popular platform to reach a wider audience.

You can approach this platform for recruiting by creating a separate page on Instagram specifically highlighting your company’s brand and to focus on recruiting. You can use this account to really focus on company culture and the values of the company, so candidates checking out your profile get a really good idea of what it is like to work for your company. This tactic will ideally cause quality candidates to apply to open positions after learning more about your company.


While it may seem like Facebook is not as popular currently, it is still extremely popular and widely used. Many people still utilize Facebook for various reasons, and this could be one more platform in your toolbelt for reaching as wide of an audience as possible.

Similar to Instagram, your company should create a separate Facebook page specific to talent acquisition. You can focus your content on information that is relevant to job candidates and tailor your posts to what job seekers are looking for.

There are other, more specialized, social media platforms, like Reddit and StackOverflow, that your company may choose to utilize for recruiting if you believe that your ideal candidates would be likely to use those platforms. However, to reach the largest general audience of potential recruits, focus your attention on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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