Reasons to Use Plastic Crane Pads

Many people prefer to use plastic crane pads over metal crane pads for a variety of reasons. Despite their lighter weight, they can provide the same safety benefits while remaining less expensive. Here are three reasons to use plastic crane pads. 1. They’re durable. While they’re cheaper than metal, they won’t rust or splinter as easily. Also, they can withstand more impact than wood. So, you won’t have to worry about bending or breaking your new crane pads.

Outrigger System. Outriggers are strong metal legs that extend out of mobile equipment to provide a stable base for the load. Outrigger pads stabilize the mobile equipment by distributing the load force at the point where it contacts the ground. They also prevent the ground from buckling under pressure, preventing it from toppling over. Ultimately, these pads will keep the crane in place so that the load will stay where it belongs.

Durability. Unlike wood, plastic crane pads are strong and resistant to chemicals. They won’t splinter or corrode and are waterproof to prevent leaks. They won’t rot – making them the perfect choice for any job. In addition to durability, plastic pads are also easy to clean. They’re also resistant to chemicals and water, making them the ideal choice for the outdoors. If you’re looking for a crane pad that will withstand extreme conditions, check out Checkers outrigger pads.

Plastic crane pads can be used for many purposes, from simple lift pads to complex lifting applications. Whether they’re used for securing outriggers to prevent the equipment from tipping over, outrigger pads are essential for job sites. Regardless of the type of work, they’re sure to protect both the crane and the workers. There are many different types of outrigger pads available, so it’s important to find a type that works well for your needs. Get outrigger pads for sale now from Prime Tech Pads.

Lifton makes a variety of different types of pads, from 2-inch to eightinches thick. They’re also available in a variety of other thicknesses. If you run a crane rental business, this is an excellent option. DICA, still a family business, produces three types of outrigger pads: UHMW-PE, CR, and PP. Those materials have low coefficients of friction and are also easily cleaned.

Other benefits of plastic crane outrigger pads include their durability and low cost. Compared to steel outrigger pads, these plastic outrigger pads are lightweight and easier to move. Additionally, they provide additional support and shock absorption. Plastic crane outrigger pads are easier to install and can withstand heavier use than their steel counterparts. However, they don’t last as long. Therefore, you should consider buying a set of plastic crane outrigger pads if you want to ensure the safety of your crane equipment.

Outrigger pads and plastic crane pads are also commonly used in construction projects. They are a crucial piece of equipment that prevents large objects from damaging the ground. They can be adjusted to provide the desired level of stability and weigh just a fraction of the steel equivalent. Further, they’re easy to install, requiring no maintenance. Moreover, you can choose a custom design to fit your needs. You should also consider composite outrigger pads. A plastic crane pad is an excellent option for crane outriggers and stabilizers.

Plastic outrigger pads should be large enough to withstand the weight of the equipment. Their weight capacity will increase as you increase the outrigger foot size. It’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s specifications for outrigger foot size before purchasing outrigger pads. For safety, you should also choose plastic crane pads with high load capacities. The right size is based on your equipment’s weight and bearing capacity. Once you have figured out what size your crane needs, you can begin shopping for the appropriate pad.

Bigfoot Outrigger Pads are a great investment. These pads are portable and made with custom composite material, making them a valuable piece of equipment for any tree-trimming project. They are made in the U.S. by military veterans. If you are a contractor, you may even consider these outrigger pads to increase the safety of your cranes. They will keep your equipment safe while providing stability for the workers.

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