Reasons of shower drain clogged and different ways to prevent from it

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There are many annoying things in our daily routine in all this annoying thing one of the problematic things is for homeowners have to deal with is a shower clogged drain. Whatever the cause of the clog is, it is always irritating thing when it happens. But you can prevent serious clogs from forming in your pipes and drains. Here are some of the most common reasons/causes of drain clogs and how to prevent them.


Human hair – Perhaps the most common cause of a blocked shower drain is a build-up of human hair, and possibly also a hair-clogged shower drain. When hair builds up around the drain, it can prevent water from flowing through the shower drain. Not only does hair obstruct the flow of water through the drain, but it can also serve as a place for sediment such as dirt and soap scum to build up.

Hard water – Hard water contains minerals such as calcium and iron which can cause corrosion of water pipes. These minerals are actually safe for human consumption but tend to stick to the sides of the drain. Clogging occur when theses minerals build up overtime.

Wipes/Toilet Paper – Toilet paper is the only paper or hygiene product that should be flushed down any of your drains, and even then, you shouldn’t flush much. When you read “disposable” on a package of wipes or paper products, you should immediately be skeptical.

If the paper product doesn’t break down completely, it gets messy with soap scum, hair and whatever else is in the drain. In no time, you’ll have a big clog.

Ways to prevent shower drain clog

Flush all drains -Another creative way to prevent hair clogging is to flush all drains at the same time, sending a cascade of water down the drain. This removes hair and debris. You will need several people to help you with this task.

First, close all the drains from the bath and shower and the drains from the sink and fill each bath or sink with warm water. Then make sure someone is standing by every drain and toilet in the house. Everyone should open all the drains at the same time and then flush all the toilets in the house at the same time.

Use a natural drain cleaner – Conventional drain cleaners like Drano usually don’t work as well as they claim and are full of harmful chemicals. Natural home cleaners can be just as effective as chemical cleaners for making clogging easier.

Use a drain cover – when it comes to a clogged shower drain, trapped hair is almost always the cause. A basic rubber or plastic drain cover is an inexpensive way to catch any stray strands after each shower.

Use Your Fingers – If you see a clogged drain, reach in with your fingers and pull it out. Feel free to put on kitchen gloves first. It’s going to get a little slimy from soap and shampoo buildup! If you can’t reach it or don’t have gloves handy, try using a straightened wire coat hanger with a curved tip to catch and release the hair from the shower drain.

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