R4i gold pro 2020, can it support DS/3DS games and NTRboothax?

R4i gold pro 2020

R4i gold pro 2020 released, does it support DS and 3DS games? Is it compatible with NTRboothax for installing B9S or 3DS CFW? Let me give you more details on the R4i gold 3ds flashcard in this post.

R4i gold pro 2020

The new version is finally coming out, and in fact, it’s basically the 2017 R4i gold pro, versions the only difference maybe the mark of 2019. New image can be checked from the following. 

Does R4i gold pro 2020 support DS/3DS games?

Like always, R4i gold pro 3ds 2019 can play Nintendo ds games well and easily on 3DS V11.9 and DSI V1.4.5 firmware consoles. But it is still not playing any Nintendo 3ds roms, 2019 R4i gold pro is a ds game flashcart still. How you can setup it on any 3DS or DSI device to play free ds games? Here is a simple user guide.

A. Preparation

You need to get an micro SD card. It doesn’t matter what size, because r4i gold pro 3ds supports SDHC, which means it can work with 4G, 8G, 16G and more. If this is the first time you use the sd card on R4i 3ds rts. we suggest you format it first. Format the card by right-clicking on it and selecting “Format.” Select “FAT 32” and get the check mark off the “Quick format” option then click “Start.”

B. Install kernel to your R4.

Go to its official site to download R4i gold pro firmware v3.9b. Then uncompress/unarchive the r4 firmware.rar file, you will get a folder created by WinZip or WinRar, you then have to click and open the folder, and not just copy the R4 Firmeare folder to your micro SD card. This is because you need to put all of the files onto the ROOT of your micro SD card.

C. Download games to your R4.

Go to to download ds roms, also unzip the rom file to .nds format. Then drag and copy the ds roms to your sd card’s root.

D. Play games.

Your final step is to take out the micro SD card and place it in to your R4i gold pro 2020. Plug the R4 in to the N2DS XL or 3DS (XL).  Power it up, and start gaming!
At the same time, this R4isdhc gold pro 2019 supports Homebrews, Multi-media function, Emulators, Real-time save, User cheats and many other features too.

Is it compatible with NTRboothax and is the best R4i gold?

Yes, it is supporting NTRboot Method, you can use it to flash NTRboothax to any 3DS to install a free custom firmware, which will let you play 3DS games in another format, CIA. But note, after you use it for NTRboothax, if you still want to play ds games, you must take special steps to recover the card to DS Mode. And is the r4i gold pro 2020 the best R4I GOLD card to buy? I’m sorry, it’s not. The R4i gold 3ds plus is the best R4I GOLD 3DS card in the market.

It is working with woodR4 kernel, supporting NTRboothax and DS games, having a switch within the chip, so users can switch easily from DS and NTR mode. That’s why the R4i gold 3ds+ is the best R4I GOLD card to buy.

Where to buy 2019 R4i gold card for hacking 3DS/NEW 2DS XL?

Just order in ModSwitchit.COM, it is shipping from Europe and using both Credit card/Paypal as payments. More importantly, we support voucher code to the customer now. You can buy the R4i gold pro 2020 with lower price by using the voucher code. Place the order in that site, you can see the code, then save money for getting it.

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