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Program Your Thermostat for Fall and Winter Savings

Wintertime is the time of year when we are tempted the most to turn our thermostats up to the highest settings to keep cold drafts at bay. It may sound like an awesome idea, but it isn’t. Constantly setting your thermostat to a high temperature during the fall and winter months is usually very expensive.

Fortunately, you can make some simple adjustments with your household thermostat, which can save your hard-earned cash without sacrificing your comfort.

The most energy-efficient or reasonable thermostat settings

The thermostat debate typically revolves around what temperature is ideal during cold months. While there isn’t one answer, since every individual’s comfort level is simply different, 68 degrees is the most reasonable thermostat temperature for wintertime.

But for every degree lower you set the heating system, you could save approximately one to three of your heating expenses. So, if you are comfy at a lower temperature, just go for it.

However, no matter what temperature you find great in the daytime, you should consider adjusting the temperature while you aren’t at home or sleeping for maximum energy saving.

Temperature when you are away

When you are away, you should lower the temperature to 60 to 65 degrees. The things you need to consider are house safety, outside weather conditions, animals, and plants.

If you’ve houseplants, the perfect temperature is 60 to 75 degrees. If you’ve pets, also consider their needs. Cats and dogs are most comfy above 64 degrees. If the weather is below freezing, you shouldn’t set your thermostat below 55 degrees.

Nighttime temperature

When you are snuggled up in bed, you are less likely to notice if the temperature is set a few degrees cooler. According to, the bedroom temperature should be 60 to 67 degrees for optimal sleep.

Lowering the temperature helps you save money and sleep better since your body temperature drops when you are asleep.

Choosing the right thermostat

While any household thermostat can be adjusted to help save money, smart and programmable thermostats have controls, which help automate the process. They let you set and customize temperatures throughout the week, and so you can tailor them to your schedule. This is not only convenient, but it also maximizes the efficiency of the heating system resulting in greater savings and comfort.

However, the new generation of smart heating systems go a step further. They can be controlled remotely and have automatic features, which help manage the thermostat temperature all through winter.

For instance, some smart thermostats use motion sensors in order to sense when you’re not at home and automatically stop heating the room. They as well have an adjustable minimum thresh-old to prevent your house from freezing.

If your heating system needs an upgrade, consider investing in a smart thermostat. To learn more about programmable and smart thermostats, read this guide.

Energy-efficient appliances

Without a doubt, older heat pumps and furnaces take more time to heat up a house, causing it to feel colder than it is.

To better how fast the furnace and heat pumps respond and maintain the house’s warm temperature, it’s a wise idea to replace older appliances.

Other ways to save your money on energy expenses in the winter

Although setting your thermostat to the reasonable temperatures can boost one’s house’s comfort, it isn’t the only way to do it. Here are other ways to minimize energy costs and usage:

• Check all faucets and pipes for leaks.
• Wear warm clothes and set the temperature to lower than 72 degrees.
• Seal or caulk the windows and unused exterior doors.
• Inspect and replace filters.
• Inspect your home for leaks and drafts. Seal up any gaps, holes, or cracks in your home’s walls, foundation, and entryways in order to prevent energy from escaping.
• Rearrange the furniture in a way that no one sits where there may be cold drafts coming in.
• Open the blinds or curtains to let sunlight in to heat up your home.
• Consider using weather stripping on windows and doors, which are used more often.


Before wintertime, you should make an effort to winterize your house. Now go program your household thermostat and begin saving more money.

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