Powder Coating Stripper

You’ll need a special chemical known as a “powder coating stripper to remove powder coating.” This chemical can be used as a pre-treatment chemical. You’ll need to wear safety equipment and clothing, and you’ll want a solid floor, such as a garage. A drop cloth or cardboard is a good idea as well. This chemical can leave a layer of ash on the part.

To apply the stripper, you’ll need an immersion tank with a float and polypropylene-evaporation inhibitors. You’ll also need to follow all safety regulations for the chemical. Because of the acidic nature of the chemical, you’ll want to work in a well-ventilated room. Because you’ll be working with powder coating, you won’t want to use the product unless it’s completely safe. Fortunately, you can get a high-quality stripper that will do the job safely.

There are many different types of powder coating strippers, but Benco B17 is the most effective one. This chemical will remove most types of paint stripper and powder coating in under 20 minutes. Its high concentration of methylene chloride dissolves the powder coating. To use the product, simply dip the part into the liquid, check it every five to ten minutes, and pull it out when the powder coating has melted. Then, rinse it off with water mixed with TSP, and you’ll be left with a clean part.

Another option is the bake-off stripping system, which works in batches. Parts are loaded into the oven, heated to about 350-350degC. The high temperatures in the oven cause the powder coating to degrade and ignite. After the part has been baked, it should be free of ash. It should take about three to six hours for the parts to completely burn off. The bake-off stripper is a batch process that can process many parts in one cycle. However, the remaining ash residue on the parts needs to be removed in a separate washing step to avoid contaminating the next coating process.

Another option for removing powder coatings is D-Zolve(TM) 1012. This chemical dissolves the binders in the coating, removing it entirely. It is safe for both metals and non-ferrous metals. It can strip most types of powder coatings. Its environmentally friendly qualities make it a good alternative to burn-off or blast-off methods. It is highly effective and has a few downsides.

Another option is chemical stripping. This method uses solvents to dissolve the powder coating. The dissolved powder coating will either fall off or need to be washed off. Chemical stripping is cheap and readily available. This method is best for small projects. It will also make the job easier and safer. However, it’s important to follow safety guidelines before utilizing chemical stripping. The result will depend on your personal preference and the nature of the powder coating.If you seek rust removers? You can consult with Solvent Replacement for more information.

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