Popular Disney cartoon character cakes for kids

Yes, it all started with a mouse. But since the creation of Mickey Mouse in 1928, Disney Studios’ imagination has spawned hundreds of characters. Some have received worldwide fame and success. Over the past nine decades, the Walt Disney Company has released hundreds of films, including dozens of live-action films, documentaries, and is certainly the most famous – for its animated feats.

You all remember the Disney movies you used to watch with such enthusiasm! Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Princesses, mermaids and whatnot. That was that childhood when your favorite action hero was your idol. 

So what could be a better way to make your kid happy on his/her birthday than a fabulous birthday cartoon cake in the shape of his/her favorite cartoon? Why cake, you ask? Okay, you can always throw a themed party but a cake steals the show on their birthday and imagines the sheer joy of your child and his friends when they see the cartoon birthday cake. They would not be able to contain their enthusiasm for sure. Get ready to watch them dance and shout with joy when they will receive such amazing disney theme cakes. Check out the below given list of some of the famous Disney character cakes. Read on and get home the best one for your kid

Anna and Elsa Theme Cake

Queen Elsa and Anna Frozen, Princess of Arendale, were the main characters in Disney’s 53rd animated film. They quickly became a favorite for their confident personality around the world singing his hit song “Let It Go”. Surprise your kid on his/her special occasion with Anna and Elsa disney theme cake.

Mickey Mouse Theme Cake

You were probably wondering if Mickey Mouse was going to appear on this list! Okay, we can’t think of a better way to honor the most Disney character than his now-iconic image in a raven and pointed, enchanted hat. Order online cake in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or wherever you reside a lip smacking cake featuring mickey mouse. 

Winnie the Pooh

Awwww!! That’s right, you can’t stop awwwingg looking at this adorable character from disney. Winnie the Pooh is a cute, honey-loving bear and one of Disney’s most popular characters. If your kid is a big winnie the pooh fan then visit any reputed website and get it delivered right at your doorsteps. 

Donald Duck & Goofy Theme Cake

Two more classics that were among the early cast of characters created as part of the Mickey Mouse Universe. On your kid’s special occasion, order donald and goofy themed cake online. 

Cinderella Theme Cake

Since her first appearance in 1950, she has been considered the ultimate princess. Her on-screen makeover and transformation from maid to princess was the one of a kind, and has received acclaim and recognition all over the world. You cannot get any better cake than Cinderella theme cake on your little princess special occasion. 

Timon and Pumba Theme Cake

“Hakuna Mata” is a phrase intended to encourage people not to concern themselves with problems beyond their control. Let your kid learn from the phrase and get home one of the interesting character theme cakes- Timon and Pumba. 

Pluto Theme Cake

Pluto is one of the famous and most loyal dogs. He was a Mickey mouse dog and was eventually seen as Mickey’s dog in The Moose Hunt (above) in 1931. If your kid loves this super cute loyal dog then why not get him a pluto themed cake on his/her special occasion.

No sound can be more pleasing than your child’s laughter. Right? We bet he will jump with joy after cutting these amazing disney theme cakes on their special occasions. If you wish to go a mile ahead and surprise your kid in a special way then choose the midnight delivery option and your cake will be delivered right at your doorsteps when the clock strikes 12. You can choose these designer cartoon theme cakes in different flavors of your choice, chocolate, fondant cake, black forest, vanilla, strawberry and pineapple, mango, blueberry, butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate, or any flavor of your choice. Pick your favorite design and flavor and make your kid’s special occasion memorable as ever. Happy celebrations!

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