Playing Outside: 5 Awesome Benefits for Kids

Did you know that roughly 75% of children spend less time outside than your average prison mate?

Sadly, parents today don’t hold playing outside in the same regard their parents did. We can blame this on the pandemic or technology, but they’re not the only responsible culprits.

Most parents don’t realize the benefits of fresh air for kids. Lucky for you, this article will analyze the benefits of playing outside.

Let’s get started!

1. Improves Social Skills

This is one of the key reasons to play outside. The playground is the perfect avenue for kids to interact with other children. Outdoor games help them form friendships and learn how to respond to attention.

Kids also learn how to verbalize their feelings, talk, and compromise all on their own. These skills prove valuable in adulthood when they have to cultivate friendships.

2. Improves Sleep

Getting your kids to sleep has to be one of the most challenging tasks as a parent. That may be because you don’t let them tire themselves during the day.

You can make sleep time more manageable by inventing games to play outside. You’d be surprised by the difference skipping and jumping around can make. Just be careful not to allow your kids to overtire themselves.

3. Limits Time Spent on Devices

Most parents know how harmful screen time can be to their kids’ development. But, they can’t limit screen time as that forces them to deal with overactive children. Odds are, you too are on the same boat.

Limiting screen time can be easier if you invest in more than just technology. Instead of a tablet, consider buying your child a Bentley kids car.

That’ll take their focus away from devices. And, it’ll tire them out, so you’ll find it easier to get them to bed at night.

4. Reduces Body Mass Index (BMI)

Unfortunately, obesity rates among children are at their highest. The main reasons behind this are eating too much junk food and exercising less.

While you can’t take your child to the gym, you can buy toys for kids to improve physical activity. The jumping and running stimulated by toys burn calories and promote a healthy BMI. Physical activity from a young age stimulates an active lifestyle even in adulthood.

5. Increases Love for the Environment

Children who play outside carry their love for the environment well into adulthood. So, you’re more likely to raise an eco-conscious child if you let them play outside.

The simple reason behind this is that playing outside allows them to experience nature. They watch the sunset, see squirrels playing around, and enjoy the benefits of fresh air.

They carry these memories and a general fondness for the environment when they grow up. So, they’re more willing to fight for a healthier and cleaner Earth.

Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Playing Outside

Playing outside carries many emotional, physical, social, and environmental (yes, environmental!) benefits. Encouraging kids to play outside helps them develop social skills and lead healthy lifestyles.

It also sparks their love for the environment and their desire for a healthy earth. Don’t miss out on these and more benefits.

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