Pitfalls to Avoid While Selecting a Dental Marketing Agency

Many dental marketing agencies will claim to help you get more leads, improve your website’s rankings, give you a new mobile app, or any other number of services you could want. But not all marketing agencies provide the same quality of service, and some give much lower quality service than others. 

More than 37% of dental practice businesses struggle to get the relevant traffic and leads. Before hiring a dental marketing agency, it is essential to understand how to avoid these common pitfalls and select an agency that provides a high level of service. Keep reading to find out.

Choosing an Agency That’s Only Focused on High-Priced Services

Some agencies only focus on offering high-priced services such as paid advertising or social media campaigns. While these methods can produce quick results, you need to understand that they can burn a hole in your wallet if you don’t plan things strategically.

Instead, always look for an agency willing to help you for long-term growth and profitability by creating a comprehensive marketing strategy instead of blindly focusing on one or two tactics.

Unclear Vision

It is essential for you and your chosen dental marketing organization to clearly understand your vision for dental practices. Determining your goals is an essential step in the process, and the best way to do this is by taking time and thinking about what you want to achieve with your practice. A checklist can be helpful to keep your goals organized.

Not Checking Their Website

Always check the website of the agency before hiring them. If their website is not engine friendly, then the chances are that they won’t be able to optimize your website either. 

Also, if their website is not mobile-friendly or has a poor user experience, it’s better to avoid hiring them altogether. No matter how good their SEO services might be, if their website is poorly designed or isn’t mobile-friendly, then there’s no point in hiring them as your desired agency.

Not Researching the Agency’s Reputation

All agencies claim they are great at what they do, but how many deliver? Before hiring an agency, research their reputation online. 

The best way could be to search on Google for reviews on their website and other sites like Yelp and Facebook. If looking for a local marketing agency, ask your community to see if anyone has any feedback on them.

No Proof of Results

Agencies should present you with a case study that shows the results they delivered for clients in the past. If they can’t prove what they’ve done for other people, how do you know they’ll do it for you?

Lack of Exposure to Your Market

The agency’s experience should be specific to your market (and niche). For example, an agency working with plastic surgeons may not have the skill to target the cosmetic dentists or periodontitis.

Lack of Experience across Channels

Marketing agencies often specialize in specific channels like SEO or social media marketing. However, all of these channels work together and complement one another regarding dental marketing. So your agency must have some level of experience in all channels.

The Bottom Line

The dental marketing agency you choose will have a presence in your office and be responsible for your dental practice marketing. Communication is the key, so ensure you ask questions and have your marketing agency meet with you regularly. Most importantly, establish clear lines of authority to make decisions quickly if an emergency arises.

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