Performing Test & Tag Adelaide

Portable electrical equipment’s are checked for your safety this is known as test and tag of appliances. The test and tag are done in 2 ways. First by visually analyzing the appliance and then testing the portable device with an electronic equipment. Once the test by the equipment is done it is given the test and tag sticker which has the test date and the next due date of the testing. The test and tag ensure that the people working with electronic equipment are safe. Test and tag are generally required in industries where there is heavy electronic machinery. 

Test and Tag

Factories which have construction, demolition and mining appliances use test and tag and ETS safety checks for Adelaide workplaces. However, house hold electrical equipment should always be checked. These equipment’s should be tagged every three months. This is not a law to test and tag. However, you should always consider this as a priority for the safety of your employees. Listed below are pointers which need to follow while checking the electrical appliances.

  1. Test And Tag Of Extension Lead:
  • Visual inspection: Check pins, twists, abrasions.
  • Check for insulation, earthing and polarity.
  • Check if the lead is domestic or not (1.0mm ²).
  • Checking of cross-sectional area on the cable.
  1. Test And Tag Surge Protected Device: A surge protector can be tested only by people who have full knowledge about how tester functions and how surge protector works. The test and tag procedure are a bit different.
  • Checking with MOV device – Checking of earthing and insulation.
  • MOV and EMI filtering To do a leakage test.
  1. Test and Tag a USB Charger:  Low voltage items also needs to be tested.
  • The side that plugs into the wall should be checked.
  • Check for the pin’s protective insulation.
  • Check for leakage.
  1. Test and Tag Vacuum Cleaner: The most common electronic device to come across is a vacuum cleaner. This equipment is very east to test but the person should be aware of how motors work.
  • Visual inspection- Check the area where the cable meets the vacuum cleaner.
  • Check for earth pin. However, it does not mean that if a device has earth pin the appliance will be earth as well.
  1. Test and Tag a Microwave: 
  • Check for electrical leakage.
  • Microwave emissions.
  1. Test and Tag a Fridge:    
  • Keep the fridge door open.
  • Find metal touch point on the fridge.
  • Conduct an earthing and insulation check.
  • Leakage Current test to be done as well.
  1. Test and Tag a UPS
  • Leakage current test to be done.
  • Check each outlet using a Class I test.
  1. Test and Tag a Welder
  • Visual inspection required to check that the earth pin is not modified.
  • To perform leakage current testing.
  • ARC welders are supposed to be tested as well.
  1. Test and Tag a 3 Phase Appliance: Firstly, a visual inspection is done to be sure that the three-phase connector is working fine along with the supply lead. To check these appliances, you need to perform-
  • Earthing test.
  • Insulation test.
  • Leakage test.
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