Pelican water softener: How Does It Function?

Pelican has been fine-tuning their products since 2007 to make the best system that produces the best quality of water. With a pelican water softener, the dream came through. Pelican water softener has everything and more that will give you the best soft water, therefore it is the water system that can be counted on. So take control of your water supply by installing the most trusted water treatment system, which is Pelican Waters Softener.

When you purchase the pelican water softener, you help the environment by investing in innovative water treatment technology that uses no harsh chemicals or brine discharge to filter the water in your home.

How Does It Function?

Pelican water softener treats the water supply by eliminating the minerals, causing hardness, freeing the pipes, faucets and drains from build-up of scales or deposits. This is because the build-up caused by hard water is harmful to pipes and heaters, leading to blockage and damages.

There are two major forms of the Pelican water softener. And they are:

The water softener alternative: This treats the hard water through using precipitation to remove the minerals, causing the hardness.

The salt based water softener: This treats displaces the minerals in the hard water with sodium ion. This process is called ion exchange; it increases the water’s salt content.


SAVES MONEY: Unlike other water softeners, Pelican water softeners save energy cost. In addition to that, because it does an effective job at softening hard water appliances, pipes and heaters in households last longer thereby reducing recurring expenses of repairs or replacement.

HEALTHWISE: The health advantage of soft water cannot be overemphasized enough, because unlike hard water that causes skin irritation and dull hair. Soft water re-energizes the skin and hair making it soft and healthier.

CLEAN BETTER: When using hard water to wash, it does not bring out the full function of the soap or detergent because foam will not form, while leaving mineral deposits in the cloth. But washing with soft water gives a cleaner and brighter result. The clothes will also last longer. INSTALLATION: The pelican water softener is easy to install. The manufacturer made the system to be easily installed without the use of professionals, while providing everything needed for an easy installation.

EFFICIENCY: The system is very efficient in its duty as a water softener while providing uninterrupted clean, tasteful and soft water with the right pressure.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Unlike the traditional process of treating hard water to give soft water which uses chemicals, pelican water softener treats hard water either by precipitation or ion exchange. Neither of these treatment processes of Pelican water softener uses chemicals, thereby causing no harm to the environment.

COMPATIBILITY: The pelican water softener can be used in a number of places like; 1. 4-bedroom townhouse

2. Apartment

3. Country farmhouse

4. Condo

5. Boat

6. RV

The mineral concentration of minerals is high, and that is why Pelican Water Softeners has been designed precisely to eliminate those minerals to give softer water and end its damage to your appliances. Pelican created two powerful water softeners to give that solution:

a. Advantage Series Salt Water Softeners

b. NaturSoft Water Softener Alternatives.

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