PDF Bear: Everything You Need To Know About Splitting PDF Files

PDF files are used most of the time because people want to maintain the original content of the file. It is essential to have the original content left as is for presentations as such, but this can make the file a bit more complicated than that is with other formats. However, PDF Bear offers the service to separate and split your file into individual pages online.

Yes, you heard it, online. It makes you not get worked up into downloading unwanted software, programs, or apps into your smartphone or computer. Everything takes place online. PDF Bear offers the service to split PDF files with ease. There are two functions with the PDF Split function, and it will be covered in the next paragraphs.

4 Easy Steps On How To Split PDF Pages

Split your PDF with ease. You can choose to split your PDF into individual pages or extract specific pages from the original document. You can also view your PDF file when you are using the PDF split tool. It will give you a better overview of the file you are splitting. This tool will help you separate files or extract pages individually and export them to new PDF files. 

So the first thing you have to do is just choose a file you would like to split. Then choose the pages you want to split it to, from the original PDF, by clicking on the page. After selecting the pages you want, click to refine the pages you chose and export it into an individual PDF. The Split PDF will be ready for you to “Download.” Job’s done with easy, simple steps.

Split Your PDF Files Anytime And Anywhere

PDF Bear’s online tool to split PDF files can be accessed from all platforms and devices. This online tool includes machines run on Windows, Mac, or Linux and any smartphone devices or tablets. As mentioned above, you don’t need to download any other unwanted apps, just go to PDF Bear’s website, and everything about splitting your PDF files takes place there. 

The splitting of the files isn’t easy, and with the software out there running you into the hundreds, we have created an online tool that can save you hundreds for a fraction of the price it would usually cost you. PDF Bear will let you experience a one-day free trial as you can expand your capabilities as to what service they are Definitely worth your penny. 


The thought of doing things online and uploading personal data comes with the thinking as to what if your files will be hacked or duplicated. You don’t have to brood over that kind of stuff because PDF Bear ensures that your privacy, confidentiality will not be disclosed, and it is to be respected. You can rest easy as your files and personal information are protected.

Any files uploaded to our servers and downloaded subsequently will be deleted an hour after the link has been generated. You can guarantee that your files are exclusively for yourself when viewing them or further editing them if necessary within the set period. So rest assured, you can do everything in PDF Bear’s service and security with peace of mind.


So there it is, everything you need to know there is about splitting PDF files in PDF Bear. It is practical and efficient for you to know which online tool lets you have the comfortability and easy way to learn how to do the task you are working on, and PDF Bear offers that kind of service. With smooth, no-brainer steps and simple clicks, the job is well done!

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