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  • Can I Apply for a Loan without a Stable Income? 
  • How Can I Get a Payday Loan if I am Unemployed, a Pensioner or have a Disability? 
  • Payday Loan Options if You are Unemployed, a Pensioner or have a Disability 

If you are low on funds and need a fast cash boost, a payday loan is the best financial solution. While these quick cash loans are readily available for fully employed persons, what if you are retrenched, a pensioner or managing a disability and not working full-time? The good news is that UK residents, without a regular income, are eligible to apply for a payday loan.

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Payday loans are considered fast loans. You can receive a payday loan with no credit check in a matter of hours upon approval. For applicants who are unemployed, disabled or a pensioner, a major hurdle for loan approval is the lack of a stable income. To accommodate individuals without a fair monthly or weekly wage, your trusted payday loan provider offers an alternative set of qualifying criteria. 

If you find yourself in a position where you need to take on a loan, there are financial options provided by reputable direct lenders.

When you are in search of quick cash, find a direct lender. This eliminates brokerage services and paying high commissions. With a direct lender no fees are added for brokers or commissions. 

Find a Loan if You are Managing a Disability 

If you are managing a critical illness or disability and do not receive a regular income, you can avoid the complexity of credit or seeking funds from a conventional lender with a payday loan. 

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While you may receive medical benefits, this is insufficient to cover the costs of utilities, groceries and general living expenses. A payday loan helps relieve the problems of limited income, minimal benefits and rising living costs. 

Limited payday loan sums are approved based on individual requirements. Borrowers must ensure they can afford the several pounds of interest added to the loan upon repayment. 

Payday Loans if You are Unemployed 

If you are a UK citizen and low on funds but unemployed, a payday loan is there for you. These loans are made available for applicants who are not working but can provide proof of a stable income, that is sufficient to repay the loan plus interest. 

In application for a payday loan, you must provide proof of your alternative income to qualify for the fast cash loan. 

Payday Loans if You are a Pensioner 

As a pensioner you are eligible to receive a quick cash loan. To receive your payday loan, simply provide the lender proof of your pension scheme income. Always consider the final loan repayment that includes the original loan plus interest. 

You Can Receive a Payday Loan on a Limited Income as a UK Citizen

With no calls and no credit checks, you can obtain a qualifying payday loan whether you are a pensioner, disabled or unemployed. Simply contact Payday IOM and learn how to benefit from these fast cash loans online and in no time. 

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