Our Top 5 Ideas for Edible Cannabis

Around 48.2 million people in the USA have used cannabis, but most people tend to smoke it rather than eat it. Eating cannabis is a great way to consume it, as it is much healthier than smoking. But how exactly are you supposed to make your cannabis flower into edibles? 

This article lists five great ways to make edible cannabis. 

1. Eat Vaped Weed

This certainly isn’t the most glamorous way to make edible marijuana, but you can eat weed that has been vaped to get high. Sometimes people refer to this kind of cannabis as “already been vaped” or ABV. 

ABV weed is different from standard weed as it’s been decarboxylated by the vaporization process. This means you can simply eat it, and it will get you high. It might not be the tastiest way to enjoy edible weed, but it certainly gets the job done. 

2. Cannabutter

If you want to make something a bit more appetizing, you might consider making cannabutter. This is one of the best cannabis edibles because it serves as a building block for making a variety of other edibles. 

To make it, you simply need to melt butter in a saucepan and add ground, decarboxylated weed. Then let the mixture simmer for around 2-3 hours. Once you’ve done that, you strain the butter into a jar. Once you’ve done the straining, put the jar in the refrigerator. 

3. Cannabis Brownies

These are one of the classic forms of cannabis edibles. All you need is some cannabutter (see item number two on this list), and you’re good to go. You simply make the brownies as you normally would, but you add the cannabutter to the mixture. 

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making them yourself, you could search for your closest HighProfile store where you could buy one. 

4. Cannabis Tea

This is something somewhat less “edible” – rather its “drinkable” – but it still gets the job done. Again you’ll need to already have some cannabutter ready to make this. The process is relatively simple. Just brew up some of your favorite tea and add your cannabutter to the mixture. 

5. Weed Bacon

Weed bacon is another excellent way to consume your cannabis. You won’t need your cannabutter for this one. Simply sprinkle some decarboxylated flower onto each side of your bacon and bake it at 275 degrees. 

The great thing about making cannabis bacon is that it also leaves you with some cannabis-infused bacon grease that you can use in other dishes.

Enjoy Edible Cannabis

Edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Unlike smoking, edible cannabis takes around half an hour to kick in. Keep this in mind, and don’t eat too much. Remember, you can always eat more, but you can’t eat less. 

If you want to learn more about some other cannabis-related topics, check out the rest of our blog posts. 

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