Our guide on becoming popular on Tik Tok

TikTok is very popular these days, the audience is growing steadily, and the amount of daily active users has exceeded the 150 million mark. Its audience is so big – you can become famous quickly if given the chance. A lot of active users post their videos, willing to become popular. There are multiple methods of becoming popular (including buying TikTok views and likes on FreeTikTok).

Let’s go through our top six tricks to become popular step by step:

Make sure you film engaging and fun content.

What you post has a huge impact on your content’s reach. Focus on creating something entertaining and interesting, your subscribers themself will spread it all around the TikTok!

During the hyper concurrent age in the social media realm, content’s simplicity and engagement are two key qualities that make it viral. Enjoy what you film and watch your audience enjoy it too! High-quality content becomes viral by itself. Remember, there is always room for improvement.

Follow the latest tendencies to keep your videos relevant.

By filming something on a current mainstream trend you are guaranteed to reach a wide audience. Participate in discussing actual topics and create hype around yourself. Prepare relevant content to always reach the active users’ spotlight. Go viral and be in the epicenter of the discussion!

Always be active, engage with the people inside the social media community.

Remain present to grow your views and evolve with your subscribers. Create videos featuring other influencers and comment on other members’ posts. People will be interested in following you and they will be more likely to continue watching and sharing your TikToks. Engaging with other creators will generate an additional streamline of views, and potential revenue in case you are willing to promote some big brands for money.

Help your TikTok page grow through sharing your videos on the other big social media.

Invite people to TikTok and widen the reach of your content by sharing it outside of the Chinese social media. Some good examples are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Doing this you are guaranteed to invite more people to use TikTok but the amount of success depends highly on how big your social media pages are.

Spending time on your look always pays off. 

Being good-looking in the videos can’t go wrong with anyone. An appealing image is more likely to be discussed and watched. Do a couple of tries when shooting a video and choose from the best one. It might take you some time to reach a certain high level but you never have to give up. Patience and hard work will make you popular one day. As soon as you reach the top 1% your growth will become very smooth and easy.

Participate in challenges and use hashtags.

Adding hashtags to your video makes it very easy to choose your target audience. A huge amount of people search content by tags so entering a couple of relevant hashtags might dramatically increase the number of views. The optimal amount is considered to be around 3-6 tags.

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