Osf profit live performance with whoheem

For a rapper, the first live performance is a sort of a baptism for his career and Osf Profit has definitely started in the right way.

He is an emerging rapper from the Bronx and his first live show, held in Philadelphia, drove the crowd crazy, most of which was most likely the first time they heard of him. In fact, Osf was the opening artist of the live show and the opener of the performance of another well-known rap artist: WhoHeem. Mostly known for the song “let’s link”, which went viral on Tik Tok, WhoHeem is certainly one of the latest and most interesting faces in the hip hop and trap scene, and having the opportunity to perform with him was obviously a great opportunity for Osf Profit.

And what’s better than performing with a great artist?

Osf managed to turn his first live show into a success, blowing the crowds and opening the event in such a positive way that it probably caught the attention of the well-known WhoHeem; but there is only one certainty: Osf Profit has got off to a great start in his career.

-Live performance with WhoHeem

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