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NetbaseQuid Uses Social Listening to Understand Consumer Activity

Social media is a wonderful tool for a variety of application, including but not limited to connecting with friends who live far away, garnering attention for your small business’ products, and debating politics. There are a vast array of uses for social media, but from a business perspective social media platforms are really a tool for improving the business’ function. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all very well-liked platforms that can offer insights for the small business as to how to most properly market their product. Whether the business offers goods or services, social listening is an invaluable tool. There are numerous activities on social media that can be noted in order to better understand the consumer demand.

 Following Leaders in Your Field 

One step that any small business can take in order to better understand their consumers is to follow the pages of leaders in their field. Should a business operate in the field of sewing machine manufacturing, they will be benefited by following the page of the iconic sewing machine brand Singer. The business can sign up for alerts when someone likes the Singer page, follows the Singer page, or comments on the Singer page’s online profile. It is possible to more adequately understand the public opinion of consumers who are liable to purchase their product by using this method.

 Software to Aid in Social Listening 

There are companies who produce software that aid in social listening. These companies practice social media measurement using analytical tools to assess the consumer data. Social listening software performs both mathematical and qualitative assessments of social media platforms relevant to the business’ field.

 Quantitative Assessments of the Business’ Page 

Companies who offer social listening tools may provide quantitative assessments of the activity on a business’ page. The software they use may provide insights as to how many people follow the page per day. They may look at the time frames in which consumers are most likely to visit the business’ page as well.

Should a business operate a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page, the software may use numbers to establish which outlet is optimal for that particular business. For example, if the company consistently receives 46% more new followers on their Instagram page each day than on their Facebook page, the software will recommend that the business target their social media activity more so on their Instagram page.

 Qualitative Assessments 

Social listening companies may also perform qualitative assessments through personal examination of the comment streams on a business’ page. The employees at the company may take note of which keywords are mentioned most often in the social media comment activity on a business’ page. When these keywords are favorable, they may recommend using these words in advertising. Additionally, the company may look at which posts receive the most seemingly sincere and heartfelt comments. When consumers post lengthy posts with a positive and personal twist, this is an indicator that the content of this post is poignant and should be used in further marketing.

NetbaseQuid is a leader in social media marketing technology. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, the company is composed of a knowledgeable team who are eager to anticipate your business’ social media monitoring needs. The team provides countless product packages designed to help gain intelligence as to the consumer trends in your respective business’ field. The company offers demos for those looking to try their services on for size. Their social analytics tools are some of the finest on the market, backed by a team of expert software designers.

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