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NetBase Quid’s Insight to Competitive Intelligence Tools for Businesses

E-commerce has taken the world by storm. Several technological innovations by day have tripled the competition in the business world, especially in digital marketing. More enterprises are entering online marketing through SEO and social media platforms. The focus has shifted from the number of businesses competing for the market to the techniques that an enterprise can use to convert more leads into clients to thrive in the market.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a significant digital market base. As an investor, it is worth getting an insight into the strategies that your competitors have put in place and advance better ones to steer your business ahead of the rest. Competitive intelligence tools offer a crucial overview of the digital strategies that your competitors are using. They give you an insight into what is working best for your competitors and allow you to learn from their success and empower your venture to perform better. Here is a guide to competitive assessment tools that will enable you to crush the stiff competition.


It is a pivotal keyword competitive intelligence tool ideal for small-sized and medium enterprises. The tool aids the process of identifying keyword ideas for either organic searches or AdWords. Besides, it helps you monitor your domain’s keywords and enables you to set keyword ranking projects and referral performance and ROI. SpyFu performs exemplarily in pay-per-click (PPC) competitiveness and SEO. It is equipped with a feature that generates a “keyword universe” to display information such as monthly clicks, costs, and cost-per-click for your current and recommended keywords.


Are you seeking to understand how many competitors have invested in PPC and their budget allocation? SEMrush has you covered as it helps you to access such information and other crucial insights. SEMrush has a wide array of uses. However, one of its most important benefits is allowing you to analyze the PPC strategies that your competitors are using. It has an advertising research feature that evaluates that PPC of competitors, putting them in a better position to decide and plan your budget to beat them. The intelligence tool also generates your competitors’ budget seasonality offering you invaluable information on the time of the year that they spend more finances on PPCs. The tool also displays your competitors’ landing pages and ad copies, enabling you to assess both keyword efficacy and the costs.


Keywords and copy alone cannot deliver a compelling ad for your marketing campaign. It would help if you had the creativity to capture the attention of the target audience. With Moat, you evaluate your competitor’s ads’ creativity and have access to their latest ads to those they created three years ago. Typing the desired firm’s name gives you free access to their digital platform empowering your milestone of creating a successful market campaign. Moat Pro has more enhanced features, including informative analytics and individual performance of various marketing campaigns. The competitive intelligence tool also gives you insight into heat maps that help you know where the audience’s behaviors are when viewing ads.

Rival IQ

Are you contemplating on the best strategies to take advantage of social media platforms to beat your competitors? Rival IQ offers you crucial insights into your posts and those of your competitors. The tool helps you understand your competitors’ most successful posts from the perspective of audience engagement and the average followers that they garner from a given marketing campaign. Besides, you can access the posts that they paid for to boost their ads because of higher viewership and audience engagement. Rival IQ enables you to track successful posts and alerts you of posts that have gone viral.

There are several other competitive intelligence tools besides the mentioned ones. The stiff competition that characterizes digital marketing makes competitive intelligence a continual process. There is no room for settling down in a comfort zone because your competitors never sleep. They are looking for the best strategies to remain afloat in the stiff competition. You also have the task of ensuring that you are one step ahead of them using competitive intelligence tools.

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