My Great Fat Reduction Grieshaber Dermatology Treatment

I’m someone who hated diets. In fact, there was nothing worse than – to me – than not being able to enjoy my passion for food. Consequently, I struggled to keep my weight down. I knew it wasn’t good for me to carry too much, so I vowed to do something about it. After much deliberation, I went to Grieshaber Dermatology for some fat reduction treatment. 

I spoke with one of their expert consultants for around half an hour and it was determined that I was right for the service. Despite carrying too much weight, I was otherwise healthy, so it was largely for cosmetic reasons. What I expected was something harsh and difficult to get through. What I got was something else entirely.

Painless From Start to Finish

The Grieshaber Dermatology term for the treatment was TruSculpt 3D and it involved…and I quote…

low frequency/high conductivity radio frequencies under the skin”. What this is said to do is eliminate unwanted fat cells and as my dermatologist passed the handpiece over my tummy and thighs, I noticed a warming feeling, but little else. 

My first treatment lasted about an hour and I would go on to have two more to complete the course and directly after each one, the most I ever felt was a little swelling and tenderness. On each occasion, that feeling only lasted about 2-3 hours, after which it all died down. 

Meanwhile…Three Months Later

So, moving on around 12 weeks later, I saw the full results of my Grieshaber Dermatology treatment and I was more than a little impressed. The literature stated that you could get as much as a 24% reduction in fat cells, but it felt way more than that. Dresses I hadn’t been able to get into for years, were all of a sudden fitting me like a glove. 

I then started looking in the mirror again, as I couldn’t believe my new silhouette. In fact, sometimes I was surprised, thinking that it was someone else!

I’ve Actually Started Dieting & Exercising Again!

Since I got the stunning results I’ve described from Grieshaber Dermatology, I’ve gone from strength to strength and I’ve even started dieting and exercising. It seemed that all I needed was something to help me take pride in my body again and that’s absolutely happened!

Before looking at this treatment, I’d also considered things like gastric bands and even liposuction, but I’m so glad that I went for something ultimately less invasive. I had next to no downtime after the procedure and the fat cells were simply absorbed back into my body.

So, the biggest endorsement I can give to TruSculpt 3D is that it made me love myself again, allowing me to feel less self conscious and not afraid of putting on my bikini and for that I’m eternally grateful. 

If you’re struggling like I was, then you should consider this treatment, as it’s virtually painless (aside from a little tenderness) and you’ll be amazed by the effects. What’s not to love, right?

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