Mulching Blade vs Regular Blade: What Are the Differences?

Sometimes you are so deep in thought you mulch without even realizing it.

What? That’s right, some of us don’t even stop to think about what’s happening when we mow the lawn. Are you just cutting that grass into the air or is there more to the process?

If you are curious, you can dig a bit deeper into the science that makes your lawn mower work. You need to make sure your mower has the correct blades to get the job done properly.

Between the mulching blade vs regular blade, which one offers more benefits? Read on to learn more.

Differences Between Mulching and Regular Blade

The main difference between mulching blades and regular blades is how they are designed to cut vegetation.

It is also designed to create smaller pieces, while regular blades can create a clean cut. This is beneficial because it returns nutrients back to the lawn.

Regular blades, on the other hand, are designed to simply cut the grass. The grass clippings are not chopped up into fine pieces. This means that the nutrients are not returned back to the lawn.

In addition, while a mulching blade costs more than a regular blade, many people feel it is worth the investment because it provides a more consistent cut and is better for the health of your lawn.

However, mulching blades can take longer to mow a lawn since they have to chop up the grass clippings, but regular blades are much quicker at mowing a lawn since they don’t have to chop up the grass clippings.

While both types of blades will get the job done, Fecon mulcher teeth are created to offer a mulching experience that is more effective and efficient.

Lastly, regular blades will not provide the same level of mulching power. And also, the blades are not angled and they do not work together to create a fine mulch. The regular blades will simply disperse the grass clippings.

When to Use a Regular Blade

The best mulching blade is ideal for use in the spring or summer when the grass is actively growing. Regular blades are better suited for cutting tough, compacted grass and are best used in the fall or winter when the grass is dormant.

If you’re cutting through thick grass and brush, then a regular blade is probably your best bet. However, if you’re mostly cutting through leaves and grass, then a mulching blade is probably a better option.

You can also use this when you have a lot of leaves, twigs, and other debris on your lawn, use a mulching blade to shred them. If you have tall grass, use a regular blade to cut it down also.

Analyzing Mulching Blade vs Regular Blade

Overall, choosing between a mulching blade vs regular blade, a mulching blade is better for lawns with a lot of debris. A regular blade is designed to cut the grass and deposit the clippings in a bag or discharge them to the side.

A mulching blade, on the other hand, cuts the grass and leaves the clippings on the lawn to decompose and provide nutrients to the soil. So, if you’re looking to fertilize your lawn naturally, a mulching blade is the way to go.

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