MSRM Wi-Fi 300Mbps Dual external antennas – MSRM Extender Setup

One and a half billion.That’s the number of children who need online schooling due to the current covid19 situation. Amid social distancing, connectivity is what keeps us informed and employed.For those without internet access, the impact of the pandemic will be even more huge. So, UERC tired of constantly receiving drop signals on your phone, iPod touch, gaming system, or any device that requires a WiFi connection? The solution to this problem is a device called MSRM Extender Setup Wi-Fi Range Extender. This device provides speed up to 300Mbps and with dual external antennas that provide 360 degrees WiFi coverage.

So, in case you are looking for the best WiFi repeater then MSRM repeater can be the best choice for you. With its latest features like universal compatibility hence compatible with any network, router, and wireless devices, dual CPU that the MSRM device provides, It gives you stable and reliable WiFi signals and fastest speed.Signals are strong enough to go through walls and extend wifi coverage over long distances in the office or home.

Its wireless speed of 300 MBPS is great for any phone call, video streaming, gaming or just browsing the internet. With its 360-degree Wifi coverage, the MSRM Extender Setup is the best suitable device for your any network needs


This wireless extender also provides you three modes. The first mode is Access Point Mode., when connected directly to your internet connection it will create for you a wireless network for all your WiFi devices.The second mode is called Repeater mode which simply boosts the range and speeds your WiFi network signals. This mode is for those who already have a working router at home and the third mode is Wireless router Mode which creates an instant private wireless network but when you don’t have an existing router and only a connection of modem, this mode will turn the Extender into a router.

MSRM  Wi-Fi 300Mbps Dual external antennas Setup-

For its installation, you don’t require any CD you can directly setup with your phone or laptop. For its even better performance,you can even msrm wifi extender setup as an access point also, which will provide you even better and fast speed just like your router. It has three LED lights in the front out of which the first one stands for the power, second is for client status, and the last is for WiFi status. Now let’s talk about its configuration-

1) MSRM Range Extender setup via browser

1* Put your extender halfway between your router and place where you want to aid the wifi.

2* Wait for the power lights to turn stable on MSRM Extender Setup repeater, now get your hands on your phone, laptop/computer, etc.

3* Go into your WiFi list and look for MSRM default network name there. It might say “Wireless-N” or “Wireless-AC”.

4* Connect to the network name, for the first time it doesn’t require any password and will show NO INTERNET  once you are connected to it.

5* Now once you open a browser the ap.setup will appear if not then type http://ap.setup or in the address bar or URL of browser.

6* Now select mode as extender/repeater and hit next.

7* Now you are asked for a username and password type” admin”.

8* Now select the network you like to extend and type its password.

9* Complete the setup and then MSRM  repeater will reboot which takes a minute.

10* Try to connect your devices with the new network that you created.

2) MSRM Range Extender setup via WPS

1* This is the easiest and only takes around 15 seconds. You just have to first plug the extender from where the router is.

2* Once the power LED turns static. Push the WPS button present on it and WPS icon look like two arrows rotating in a circle.

3* Now within a minute or two push the WPS  on the router and you will see lights will be blinking on both the devices.

4* After successful MSRM Extender Setup, the WPS on the router will stop blinking and on msrm repeater it will turn solid.

5* Go to your WiFi list connect your devices to the newly created extender network with the same password as a router.

3)Configuration of MSRM WiFi Repeater as an Access Point

If you want better speed transmission from this device then setting up as an access point will be the best option for you and for that, you need ethernet cable according to your requirement like if you want to keep this extender 10 feet away from the extender then use 10 feet long cable. Plug one end of ethernet into the extender and the other in the LAN port on the router.

Connect your laptop/phone to the repeater’s wifi network i.e. MSRM network name from list 

After connection open browser and type IP address in the URL of browser.

Select the mode as an Access point once asked on-screen and click continue.

Type name you want for the access point, its password its security type and click next.

After it will apply the settings and will reboot for a minute.

Now try to connect to your devices with a new access point that you created and you are done.


Q)  Why can’t I open the IP address:

 A)  Plug the extender into a socket then use an Ethernet cable to connect the extender and PC. Then reopen the IP address by using your PC.


   Press the reset button for 5 seconds to reset the wifi extender.

Q)  What should I do if I forget the login name and password of the device?

A)  Click the reset button and wait for 5 seconds to reset the WIfi extender again.

To get information about wavlink extender setup you get tuned with us.

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