Moovila vs BQE Core: Which Oneis Better than Excel Spreadsheets

Is your firm still using Excel spreadsheets for work even though they lack automation features and streamlining of processes? It might be because you are not prepared to shift to another system. Adopting a new software can require a lot of time, money, patience, and resources. However, it does not always have to be the case. Instead of limiting the team’s productivity through Excel, there are better systems out there that provide a smoother transition. Find out which one you should choose between Moovila vs BQE Coreto get more out of your data.

Instead of wasting time on Excel spreadsheets, companies should be focusing on more important tasks. With robust software, they can overcome the current data challenges they face and discover more insights. If you still need convincing, then this article outlines how Excel is actually holding your company back from real progress.

The Disadvantages of Using Excel

Excel spreadsheets are widely adopted because of their availability and simple design. However, it takes time for users to learn all the formulas and functions even with training. The software also limits the user’s functionality when they are juggling between projects or switching through different spreadsheets. On top of that, it can be very tiresome to enter data manually and complete all the processes by hand.

Challenges Associated with Using Excel

Impossible to Maintain Quality

Excel spreadsheets have no quality checks for the data entered by the user whereas BQE Corecontrols the quality through field validation. It can reduce data entry errors such as duplication and help users maintain the highest quality for their projects.

Limited Features

It is a common misconception that using Microsoft Excel does not require any training or specific skills when the truth is that the program can be sued for more than just data entry. It has the power to calculate results, draw charts, and perform various other functions. Some features such as dynamic charts or pivot tables are too complex for the average user and need a high-level expert level to correctly use them. In terms of data analysis capacities both Moovila vs BQE Core help with real-time information and require no coding background from the user.

Difficult to Locate Data

It is very confusing to find an Excel file on the computer and if you have used the search function to locate .xls data then you can relate. The computer returns dozens of results and it takes too long to find the right file. It gets more and more difficult as time passes by. This is especially frustrating when companies are using Excel for time tracking and the information is spread over multiple spreadsheets. It is even more complicated to locate the data inside a spreadsheet. Moovila softwareis a relational database with multiple search options which make it easier for users to maintain the efficiency of their reports.

Drain on Resources

Spreadsheets that contain a lot of data can drain the computer’s resources. If you have spreadsheets that contain thousands of records then every time that file is accessed those records will be loaded onto the system memory causing the computer to slow down. It is possible to avoid machine lag with an efficient tool like Moovila vs BQE Core.

Lack of Security

Excel does not provide any security apart from password-protected files. This means only those users with the password can view the data on a file, which is the lowest form of data security. BQE Core on the other hand has pre-defined security measures for all types of users such as managers, billing personnel, and project contributor. They can select which data to make accessible to which user without any trouble. There are also selective functions and screens which keep confidential or sensitive information private.

No Filters

The Excel spreadsheet puts all the data on display instead of curating specific results according to the user requirements. Moovila software is better because the database can be programmed with different filters to only display the data that is relevant to the project. The manager can choose to see specific columns or rows so the information they require is more visible. This can increase productivity and also give users a break from having to find the information they need on long tables.

Non-existent User Support

Not everyone has the required expertise to use different software applications is constant technical support from the company or consulting service is important. The users need access to an expert to help make sense of any errors or issues they are encountering. With Microsoft Excel, there is no user support when it comes to specialized tasks such as time tracking, budgeting, and invoicing. The Microsoft team cannot help people who need business logic to figure out their workflows. BQE Core, however, has a dedicated user support helpline, chatbot, and email address through which users can expect to have any issues resolved.

Moovila vs BQE Core: One is Better?

The answer is obvious that BQE Core is a much superior software when it comes to company operations and project management. It can provide more functionality than a spreadsheet and does more than just crunch numbers. Those who are still relying on outdated methods should consider upgrading to a much more reliable, robust, and high-quality system. They can cut down the time it takes to fix mistakes because of the automated features. The users also have access to industry-specific support which can result in higher efficiency, more savings, and less time wasted.


When choosing between Moovila vs BQE Core, it is important to remember Core was specifically designed for professional service firms such as engineering companies, and architectural groups, and other project-based organizations. It offers free demonstrations to all types of businesses and users so they can see how it works in real-time. The team will help companies transition from Excel spreadsheets to their platform. It is very easy to use and has a straightforward interface which makes data entry and management a breeze. It was developed to help companies turn higher profits from their projects and has been successful in helping many customers realize that goal.

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