Modern Technology And How It’s Reshaping The CBD Industry

The CBD industry has taken the world by surprise. Frankly, with the increasing demand for CBD-infused products, the industry can be considered as a precious gold mine. At the same time, well-known brands in the CBD industry also offer promo codes like Medterra coupons to boost consumer demand.

To give you an idea, experts believe that the CBD industry can go way beyond $20 billion by 2024. With several industries like health, pet, beverages, and even cosmetics showing interest in adding cannabidiol into their products, that’s surely possible. 

Technology has played a massive role in making those things possible for the CBD industry.

Market Research

The cannabis industry is surely no exception when it comes to relying on big data, information technology, and artificial intelligence. They help the industry gain insight as to what customers want, their buying habits as well as the products they use.

Cannabis business consulting services use the data to improve products to make them more appealing and satisfying for customers. They can make modifications to address issues and improve weak areas.

AI also provides brands with a huge load of data that are useful not just in their scientific processes but the way they market their products, too. These data are also useful to growers and researchers.


One of the most critical parts of making high-quality CBD products is the cultivation process. This is one good reason why it’s also considered expensive.

To make the plants grow safely and properly, special lighting is needed for the lights. High-intensity bulbs are expensive but fortunately, technology was able to introduce LED bulbs to the industry.

With AI and picture processing, it’s also possible to discover weeds. This is quite important since weed can compete with pants in getting nourishments.

Extraction Process

The process of extracting and processing CBD products is both labor-intensive and expensive. Among the processes available, CO2 extraction is considered as the most expensive procedure.

With this process, manufacturers can produce CBD through a rosin press. This is designed to quickly heat and cool the compound.

On average, the rosin press can apply about 1,000 pounds of pressure. Soon, companies will be able to make new presses that can expedite the process with additional weight.


These days, one of the challenging parts for customers is finding honest and transparent brands. With a high demand for CBD products, there’s a lot of brands that aren’t being true to their claims.

Technology allows customers to do their research. They can trace the products back to their producers as well as growers. The information they gather can help them understand how they are processed and the ingredients added to make the final products.

Final Thoughts

There are so many factors contributing to the success of the CBD industry. One of them is modern technology. It affects almost every aspect of the industry, from cultivation to marketing.

With how things are going these days, people can expect the industry to grow bigger and better. Through the use of artificial intelligence, advanced processes, and modern tools, the CBD industry’s future will be quite exciting.

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