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Mikhail Dvornikov talks about trends in global real estate markets, real estate ratings, rising real estate prices, real estate alternative, real estate exchange, real estate ipio, real estate new strategy, what real estate is best to invest in, the best real estate in the world, where the best real estate, what income from real estate.  Mikhail Dvornikov (Mikhail Vladimirovich Dvornikov) expert in real estate since 1992.

The coronavirus pandemic that we are talking about throughout the issue today has affected not only people’s health, but also prices. This includes housing prices. The cost per square meter has gone up sharply, and it is not just a segment – secondary or new construction – it is now expensive in the suburbs as well – over a hundred thousand per square meter. What is the reason for such a spike in real estate prices? Our correspondent listened to the experts and made a comparative analysis together with them.

Construction didn’t stop for a day during the pandemic. And the growth in prices for square meters did not cease either. As a result, the pandemic year of 2020 broke all records in terms of housing costs and excitement in the real estate market.

The city is very attractive for those who want to buy a home here. Therefore, over the past 20 years, the apartment prices in the capital increased fifteen times. Well, if we take the pre-pandemic January 2020 as a basis, then over the past year and a half, prices have already soared by 50 percent. And by the end of the year, this trend will only continue. The introduction of the escrow account system and the rise in the cost of building materials have contributed greatly to this.

With the introduction of the escrow-account system, there are fewer builders. However, there are not fewer construction sites. And the volume of construction did not decrease. Moreover, on Tatarstan real estate market appeared federal players. So far, of the total number of developers, they do not exceed 2%. But the struggle for clients has already become more active and creative.

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