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Currently, the US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses, generating about $1.8 trillion a year. Women in business are a driving force in the nation’s economy, becoming increasingly reliant on the work and devotion of female entrepreneurs.

As a lifelong entrepreneur herself, founder and CEO of TheSchuck.Agency Heather Schuck has a deep appreciation for the unique challenges that founders and CEOs face daily. She launched her own children’s clothing company and grew it into a $14 million lifestyle brand found in boutiques and large retailers internationally and domestically. Over the years, she has honed in on her process and has helped companies that range in different industries in real estate, healthcare, and the legal sector. With over 15 years of experience as a Marketing Strategist and Fractional CMO, she has helped entrepreneurs generate over $300 million in revenue to date. 

They understand the current landscape of startups and PR, TheSchuck.Agency has provided services ranging from competitive ads retargeting, programmatic display, native, and video to their new product, the Marketing Accelerator for Startups. The whole idea of creating their Marketing Accelerator for Startups was to provide a hyper-focused. Strategic marketing solution for startups and product launches that combines PR, digital media expertise, B2B cold outreach, and lead generation funnels to founders looking for support to introduce their startup to the marketplace, launch their product, break into a new vertical build buzz for further funding. Their product is different from current market offerings. Unlike other companies that focus solely on one aspect of a startup’s overall business strategy, it helps with everything from PR, digital media expertise, B2B cold outreach to lead generation one strategic 60-day accelerator solution. Along with that, there is no long-term commitment, and they are hyper-focused on creating brand awareness, press, and leads for your business most efficiently and affordably possible.

Depending on the needs and goals, they can choose from three different packages; the starter package, the advanced, and the elite. At $2,500, the starter package is dedicated to startups looking solely for press opportunities, and the features include; strategy consultation, creation of PR action plan and media kit, press release distribution, personalized pitching to 100+ media outlets, creation of a lead generation page, automated follow-up, and submission to 75+ startup directories. With this package, the accelerator campaign lasts 30 days. Their advanced package, at $5,000, includes all starter package features and LinkedIn profile optimization, B2B LinkedIn outreach, LinkedIn automated follow-up, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager. With this package, the accelerator campaign lasts 60 days. Finally, at $7,500, their elite package includes all features from the previous packages and competitor analysis, competitor ads retargeting, trigger a message on LinkedIn once audiences interact with their ad, and priority access to support. Much like the advanced package, the accelerator campaign lasts 60 days. 

The process of using the Marketing Accelerator is also quite simple. Once a startup purchases one of their packages, they will receive a questionnaire and invitation to book their strategy call. During the one-hour call, the team will brainstorm possible press angles, their unique value proposition, competitors, and the timeliness of their offer. With the information provided, they will design a professional media kit. One of their PR experts will write a professional press release. Once approved, they will distribute it through their premium media network to increase release visibility in relevant search results across major search engines. From there, the PR experts will then personally pitch the startup to at least 100+ journalists, bloggers, and media influencers on their behalf to ensure guaranteed press coverage for their story. 

Along with that, they also help with lead generation and automation. They help professionally design a landing page written by a direct response copywriter to convey the startup’s exclusive offer and generate leads. Depending on a startup’s campaign goals, this can help collect emails or book appointments. They will also set up an automated follow-up sequence to nurture prospects to ensure maximum return on investments. These follow-up sequences can be carried out via email, text messaging, and automated voicemail drops. Their service offers four or more automatic follow-up messages for clients who might be interested but did not get to see a startup’s message or have the time to open them.

Additionally, their full-service message systems offer profile personalization. To help strengthen brand identity and let potential prospects know why they should connect, TheSchuck.Agency will make recommendations for a startup’s profile so they can look their best. From adding keywords to boost searches on LinkedIn to highlighting recent wins or other company highlights, we’ll build you a more robust profile to further increase your personalized cold messaging effectiveness.

As mentioned, they also help with competitive ad targeting. They pinpoint all of the startup’s competitive sites to build a customized list of targets, including relative industry websites such as top blogs and aggregators. Competitive sites are mapped, and data are identified, acquired, and on-boarded across the accelerator’s network. Generally, ad placement is triggered in real-time, serving engaged buyers hyper-relative content no matter where they are. With the Market Accelerator, startups will have multiple opportunities to convert competitive traffic. 

Launching a startup is an exciting process and TheSchuck. Agency’s team understands that not gaining media attention and the general public’s attention can add stress that can make or break a startup. Their experience makes them realize that PR today is about far more than alerting the media about a new startup or its products and services; they also need to create compelling content and exciting story angles if they want to grab their attention and stand out from the crowd. They make it easy for entrepreneurs by providing a full suite of services to get their story told across all channels. Their mission is to tell people what a startup does, why they should care, and how they can buy from the startup now or invest later when it is time for an IPO or acquisition. Their Marketing Accelerator is designed to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to generate buzz and sales for a new startup, product launch, or investment round. 

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