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Meet SweetNight Dreamy S1 mattress, the more you sleep, the better!

There are various reasons for “poor sleep”, but if you lie on a mattress that does not fit your body well, the quality of sleep will not be as good as it could be. How to find the mattress and the body’s perceived comfort fit? Sleeping for a long time will always have experience, inventory of those who can make their own sound sleep to the natural awakening of the mattress, I prefer soft as being thin pad, like this SweetNight Dreamy S1 non-sensory slow rebound zoning spine thin mattress, sleep straight after the five-star hotel, and the price is also affordable.

Compared to the traditional Simmons, the spine mattress packaging is very “alternative”, I did not expect a 1.8 m x 2 m mattress can be stuffed into a small cardboard box.

Before throwing away the packaging, rummage around at the bottom of the box, you can see an unpacking tool and mattress instructions.

The whole mattress rolled up in a thick plastic bag, hand tearing difficult, but also can not use a paper cutter or scissors to cut, in order to avoid injury to the soft fabric of the mattress, need to find this gadget in the package, a SweetNight custom openers, with which you can easily and safely open the thick bag.

The newly opened original mattress does not smell, but for safety, the mattress can be unfolded to disperse the smell and put for a few days to use more ease.

No vacuum, you do not have to worry about the mattress unfolded too many wrinkles. The fact is true, unfold the curled mattress, the beginning of some positions are not flat enough, only after a tea time, the mattress has been automatically paved, and wrinkle-free, flatness and ordinary mattress is no different, see the fabric material has a superiority.

Compared to the thickness of ordinary Simmons mattress, this mattress light texture is somewhat similar to the tatami mattress, but the workmanship is more refined, the bottom has non-slip particles, side design air holes, the appearance of the threads and wool and other things, quality control to maintain the SweetNight consistently high standards.

Fabric, this mattress and an original, seemingly unusual bed surface is actually a mosquito repellent antibacterial fabric. The concept of antibacterial often heard, with mosquito repellent mattress can not be seen.

It is reported that the secret is in the texture of the mattress, each small stripes are mosquito repellent nano-particle storage bin, dense mosquito repellent bin covered the entire mattress, but no odor out, I think SweetNight has a special formula. As for the effect of mosquito repellent, compared to the same period in the past by the bite, there is indeed a certain anti-mosquito effect, just do not know how long the specific expiration date of the filled repellent nanoparticles, look forward to a longer time it.

In order to solve the late mattress mite breeding and other cleaning problems, this mattress using SweetNight features detachable design, each layer can be opened, want to wash and dry which layer can be operated separately, this is also much better than the bulky Simmons.

The bed core is also not ordinary memory foam, but by the cloud feeling comfortable elastic core and spine core, its internal use is the SweetNight Dreamy S1 Quality Gel Memory Foam Mattress original new wind design program, both sides of the S-shaped cut wind tunnel not only provides good support, but also ventilation effect. Now is the hot days of the Northeast, lying on it is not as cool as a cool mat, but also will not feel stuffy. Even if slightly sweaty, the fabric is not sticky, breathable and comfortable to achieve a balance, the body is also easy to sleep.

Mosquito repellent, breathable is only a small highlight of this mattress, it also has a sleep unforgettable “soft elasticity”. This is thanks to the bed core of the three-layer support design, the top and bottom layer of soft and breathable materials, to provide a good sense of breathability for sleep; and the middle layer has the appropriate hardness, can provide just the right support for the spine, so that the body bones are properly supported.

Switching from Simmons to this spine mattress has improved the quality of sleep. The old mattress collapse and spring noise, highlighting the quality advantages of the new mattress, the body easily accepted the change in support material, the number of turns per day to sleep has been reduced, the appropriate hardness is conducive to relieving spinal pressure, the next day the body fatigue did not appear again, indicating that the change is still very successful.

From the summer into the ambush this period of sleep experience, this SweetNight Dreamy S1 spine thin mattress function and business intelligence described similar. Does have the advantages of light, breathable, spine, mosquito repellent, the most direct feeling is the comfort of lying on it, not as hot as a soft bed wrapped body, there is no thick mattress with a long time collapse potential problems, and cleaning and mites more convenient. There is such a comfortable spine sleep tool, do not worry about sleep, but need to set a good alarm clock to wake themselves up.

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