Manual cars vs Automatic cars: which is best?

This is often a thing manual and automatic car lovers cannot agree on, which is best, manual or automatic cars? Here are our views on the advantages and disadvantages of each transmission and we will let you make up your own mind once you have looked at both sides of the argument.

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Advantages of driving a manual car

Usually cheaper in price

Manual cars are usually cheaper to purchase than the automatic version of the exact same car, this is because automatic transmission is a newer technology than manual cars, so this slightly raises the price of an automatic car compared to its manual counterpart.

You are very in control of the car

Some drivers feel that they are more in control of a manual car, this is because you can control the gear your car is driving in, whereas with an automatic car the car controls the gears.

They can be cheaper to insure

Many people believe that manual cars are cheaper to purchase and insure, so if you are looking to purchase a car which is the cheapest possible price, you may want to consider purchasing a manual transmission car.

Disadvantages of driving a manual car

Some people find driving manual cars more difficult than driving automatic cars

It is fair to say that manual cars are not for everyone, as some people really do struggle with the clutch and gears, so this is where an automatic car would be the best option.

You cannot get an electric car with a manual transmission

If you are looking to purchase a fully electric vehicle, you will not be able to purchase one that is in manual transmission, as electric cars do not have engines which require the use of manual gears.

You cannot drive a manual car if you have an automatic driving licence

If you have an automatic licence instead of a full UK driving licence, then you are limited to only driving automatic cars, which means that you cannot drive a manual car in this instance.

Advantages of driving an automatic car

Some people find driving automatic cars easier than manual cars

As we have mentioned previously, manual driving is not for everyone and some drivers do prefer to drive automatic cars because the clutch and the gears is an extra thing to concentrate on whilst you are driving.

More modern cars are available in automatic transmission

If you are dreaming about purchasing a high tech car such as a Tesla, you will be aware that all Teslas are in automatic transmission, so if you are a tech lover or you just love modern cars, you may want to switch to driving automatic cars.

Disadvantages of driving an automatic car

Usually more expensive to insure

We have mentioned this in the advantages of owning a manual car, sometimes automatic cars are more expensive to insure than manual.

Not being able to use gears to slow the car down

For drivers who are used to driving manual cars they slow the car down by going down in gears, they may struggle with the concept of not being able to slow down a car with gears in an automatic car.

Conclusion Whether manual or automatic cars are better than one another is really down to personal preference and opinion. If you are looking to sell your car and purchase a manual or automatic car, it is best to shop around and look at your options so you can decide which transmission of car is best for you.

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