Making The Best Choice Of Standalone Game Streaming Microphones

If you’re streaming for pleasure or for a living, purchasing one of the best streaming microphones will increase the quality of your output, and your viewers/listeners overall experience. While it may be appealing to go for an all-in-one solution, of which there are many superb gaming headsets to choose from, the little microphones whether they be fixed, or detachable will never sound as fantastic as a stand-alone microphone designed for the job.

Sold already?

Most people won’t need much convincing that the perfect solution for audio streaming is a standalone desktop microphone, especially when you hear the difference when compared with an all-in-one headset/microphone set up. Really and truly, the only reason to think otherwise would be convenience, especially if you are on the go a lot, and having superb sound quality isn’t of utmost importance to you.

Having said that, the best streaming game microphones come with sturdy cases, and can be easily moved from one place to another with ease so, it really all boils down to how professional you want to be and how good you want your voice recording to be. 

Which to choose?

So, you’ve made the decision to go for a professional, standalone game streaming microphone, but there are quite a few to choose from, the next decision being, which should you choose? The market is huge which is no surprise really considering the growth of game streaming as both a pastime and as a full-time career for a lot of people. 

It’s good news in many ways because you have the beauty of choice, hefty competition which means that features and prices are very competitive too, much like the motherboard market. Your main decision will be how much do you want to spend compared with which features you want, your best bet would be to check out one of the many comparison websites or speak with one of your local PC specialist stores, at least that way you can be sure to get an unbiased rundown.

Things you’ll want to consider

Albeit you’ll be buying your microphone with the intention of using it for gaming purposes however, it would be worth taking into consideration the following additional uses. You could get more than you bargained for and pick up a microphone that serves more than just one function, the great thing is that the choice is yours.

  • Will you be using your microphone purely for game streaming?
  • Do you intend to use your microphone to make voice, or even video calls to people?
  • Will you be hosting more than streaming? If so, you might want to look at podcast microphones instead.

How to ensure your satisfaction

It would be a terrible shame to get your microphone, even after you’ve looked at comparison websites and perhaps even spoken with one of your local PC specialist teams only to find out that it wasn’t quite what you were after, and that returns aren’t an option. If you do speak with one of your local PC stores then be sure to ask them if you are able to try before you buy, or at the very least return it for another model if you aren’t entirely happy. 

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