Make It Your Own: 5 Helpful Tips for Creating a Logo

If you want to help your brand stand out, then you need a logo that’s simple and evocative. Creating a logo can feel like a real challenge.

We’ve put together five helpful tips to give you a starting place for your logo project. You’ll find ideas for finding inspiration all the way through to the final editing stage. Build the right look for your business with the steps below.

1. Look for Inspiration

Before you can get started making a logo, you have to know what you want it to look like. Gather images of brands you like and their logos and marketing materials.

Try to pay attention to what you like about the images or the graphic. Is it the font? Is it the arrangement?

Using the images you gather, create a collage that shows a full picture of what inspires you. This can be a digital arrangement with a tool like Pinterest, or you can print them out and paste them on a board or pin them to a wall. Seeing all the images together can give you a direction to go as you begin working on your own logo.

2. Ask for Help

If you’re not getting anywhere with your inspiration or you want to include what inspires other people, too, ask for help with your logo. Whether they know how to create a logo or not, they can still show you images that stand out to them and logos from other businesses that they appreciate.

3. Creating a Logo Based on a Type

One of the best tips for creating a logo is to decide which type of logo you want. Generally, logos fall into one of seven categories:

  • Monogram (or lettermark) like HP or CNN
  • Wordmarks like Google
  • Mascots like Sunmaid
  • Pictorial like Apple
  • Emblem like Starbucks
  • Combination like Burger King
  • Abstract like Pepsi

Any of these options can work for your brand, but if you choose one that you like it will give you direction. You can also try to design a logo in each category, based on your vision board. Then have the company vote on which one they like best.

4. Make a Draft

You can get started by using a pencil and paper if that works for you. It’s also fine to go straight to the computer and use your preferred graphic design software.

If logo creating isn’t your forte, you can get a custom design from a professional using all the legwork you’ve done so far. Share with them your vision and the inspiration you have so they know where to start.

5. Provide Feedback

Whether you’re providing feedback to a professional or to yourself, revising your logos is an important step of the process. How will the first draft impact the public? Will it get the right message across?

Get opinions so you can make revisions and build a logo that makes the best impression. You can go from good to great if you spend time tweaking the draft and refining it.

An Identifying Mark

Leave your mark on the world when you choose a logo that truly represents your company. Creating a logo isn’t an easy process, but if you can master the tips above, you can produce something to make your brand stand out.

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