Make an Upgrade and Create a Smart Home You Always Dreamed About

A smart home is one of the most popular trends now. However, let us be open: not everybody can afford it. All those smart items seem to cost a fortune.

Though, if you have some skills, you can manage all the needed upgrades in your house with much fewer expenses. All you need is just some tools and linear actuators of the needed size and power. For example, bigger actuators are needed to manage doors, windows, solar panels, and a small one can handle a lift platform in your kitchen. 

Now, it is time to have a look at those smart ideas that can be implemented with linear actuators. 

Automated Doors and Windows for Comfort and Safety

In some cases, an automated door is needed to provide basic comfort. For example, an automated garage door is essential if it is raining or snowing, and you need to put your car in the garage. 

However, an automated door means not only comfort but also safety. If you automate your doors and windows, you are notified if they are open without your authorization and call the police. 

The automation can be handled with an actuator system and a proper control unit. Connect the controls with a smart app, and the safety of your home will become significantly higher. 

Adjustable Furniture

A height-adjustable desk, a lift platform for your domestic items, a TV lift are just several options that can increase the comfort level of your home. These upgrades can be made with actuators that can be controlled remotely. 

You even don`t need to buy new items. You can turn your favourite office desk into a height-adjustable one by installing the desk top on a lift system. Just make sure you are choosing a lift system with a suitable design.

A TV lift can be installed in an old cabinet that still isn’t to be thrown away. Make an opening in the cabinet top, install a TV lift inside, and fix your device on a TV lift. That’s it, your new smart item is ready to be used. As an option, you can choose a ceiling installation. This variant is more complex thus, you might need to hire somebody to perform at least the wiring works.

If your kitchen lacks space, and you still want that new device, a lift platform is a perfect solution. Make an opening in the cabinet top, install in the cabinet a lift system with a platform. Now, on the platform, you can fix your new device. Lift it when needed and hide it in the cabinet when you don’t need it. The opening can be closed with the same cabinet top piece that you have cut. Fix it on hinges, and nobody will see that there is something until the device appears.

More Ideas?

These ideas are not the only ones. If you want to make some upgrades with linear actuators, just look around. Everything can be automated, even your shelves or chairs. Even an old furniture piece can be given a new life with actuators. Thus, use your imagination and skills to turn your home into an innovative smart hub.  

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