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Make an Impact: 3 YouTube Influencers to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Are you a brand owner looking to grow your customer base and boost sales? Influencer marketing on social media sites could be a top option for you. With over 2-billion active users per month, YouTube is one of the best social sites to conduct your influencer marketing campaign. 

One of the first steps to develop an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube is to find the right YouTube influencers. Depending on your market, it’s important to find creators that appeal to your niche. This article can help. 

Read on to meet some of today’s top YouTube influencers that you might consider working with.

1. Angel Morét

Are you confused about how to choose an influencer for marketing? The first step is to determine your niche. To promote beauty products or fashion items, partnering with Angel Moret may be a top option for you.

Angel’s makeup looks, outfits, and daily content has garnered her over 156,000 followers on Instagram. She also has an active following on YouTube, with over 86,000 subscribers.

On Angel’s YouTube channel, you can find vlog style content, storytimes, and beauty-related videos. She also posts videos about working out, how to take care of piercings, and creates her own short films. Her audience consists of mostly girls in the Gen-Z demographic interested in fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. 

If you own a makeup brand, clothing brand, or another beauty brand, consider reaching out to Angel for reviews and promotions of your products. 

2. Gareth Leonard

With over 259,000 active subscribers on YouTube, Gareth Leonard is another popular influencer. If you own a local tourist hotspot or run a brand dealing with travel, Gareth, also known as Travel Deeper, could be a top partner for you.

This marketing director turned traveler works to explore the world’s most interesting places. He also works to inspire others to travel and provide them with helpful resources to do so.

Within the last year, Gareth’s main focus was on posting videos about traveling across the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia. He has also posted videos about camping on the North Korean border, delicious Ramen spots in Tokyo, and spending 24 hours in Norway. if your niche is in the travel market, consider reaching out to Gareth for a partnership.

3. Tabitha Brown

For food and entertainment brands, Tabitha Brown has skyrocketed to popularity over the last year. Since her comical and comforting cooking tutorials went viral, she has appeared on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, and more. Today, Tabitha has 406,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 4.6 million followers on Tik Tok.

If you have a vegan food company, Tabitha is your go-to reviewer for YouTube. Her content appeals to a wide variety of demographics from Gen-Z to young adults learning how to cook for their families. Recently, Tabitha has posted videos on YouTube making vegan deviled eggs and reviewing the best vegan recipes in 2020. 

Tabitha also works to promote a message of positivity and peace with her VeryGoodMonday series. 

Partner With YouTube Influencers Today

To increase brand recognition and boost sales, working with YouTube influencers can help take your business to the next level. Now that you know three of the top YouTube influencers, get started on your influencer marketing ideas today.

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