Lula Provide Top 6 best services For home.

 Lula life by Lula provides content a variety of home services To us Lu6 best services For home. its a Feeling. Lula have mission to take care of your house so that you can take care your Home..

Its safe and secure service you can might be sure you are getting  one of the best available professionals in your area.

•1:Lawn Care(including Garden consultation, lawn maintenance,triming,Blowing ,Sodding, seeding, Top dressing, lawing dethatching,Grading,watering while you are Away ‘custom urns and planters for every season and or occasion..

•2House Cleaning: Our professional house cleaners will Wipe clean surfaces including the Washes and dryers vacuum and or motorbus Then the stwostop drip pans and under hood and cleaned as well as the Appliances Cabinets, kitchen, Table and Chairs we’ll finish by vacuuming and mopping..

•3HVAC: A through HVAC inspection and service  should be performed on your system on a regular basis  A complete Service include more than just opening a cover and Replacing a filter,electrical  heating units.

•4Handyma: A handy person skilled at a wide Range of repairs typically around  the Home .. Service include Air conditioning appliances

Carpentry drywall

Electrical flooring 


And cooling kitchens and Bath Remodelling.

Painting Plumbing

Pressures wasting R.

oafs windows And doors.

 •5Junk Removal: service includes House Garage And Basement clean- Up, commercial clean-up Apartment clean up,TrashOuts,Professional Uniforms employers ….

•6 Electrical: 

One of The Best Service provide by Lula.

Benfits:Very Quick Service Rather than Other’s Tired of wasting time researching and tryinG  to schedule A service provide with lula you Can Quickly and easily choose when you want your service  It is completed approved by professionals 6 best services For home…

With lula you Can have Someone at your door in As a little as a couple of Hours ..So avoid the Hassle of calling  around trying to find someone to Come . ..

Behind preferring Lula Service because we are best and our Trained Staff Are Always on hand 

You’ll always have company …Their will be by Organised activities No Need to Worry about utility bills Money households chores.

  • Its always be safe and secure.
  • Low in Cost Service.

Always Work on your demands and Reference..

Lula’s is 100% Garneted service If you are not satisfied Don’t pay We are calcified  to customer satisfaction we’ll work with you on to fix it 6 best services For home.

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