Lovior: Eyeliner Stamp Wing Liner

Did you hear the name of Lovior before? If no, then it’s ok. This article will discuss the Eyeliner Stamp Wingliner Smudge and waterproof introduced by  Lovoir Lovoir, the online selling company.

Lovior started its selling in 2018, and it’s an online store that sells all the girly makeup that makes them beautiful. If you visit the Lovior website, you will see the best make up things in different categories. The waterproof and smudged Eyeliner Stamp Wingliner is one of them.

Wing liner Stamp comes into the two packages. One for each eye. The best thing about this product that it’s perfect and the quality is good. Sometimes people don’t know how to use it. They don’t even know about Eyeliner. The Eyeliner has two ends. One end has a stamp, while the other end has a pit. From the pit side, you can make a line on your eye. In other words, it’s an eyeliner side, and by using it, you can make a line on the rest of your eye. 

How does it work?

It’s effortless to use. As mentioned above, Eyeliner has two sides. You have to use the stamp side and make a stamp on your eye end where you start to make a line. After stamping, begin to make a line from the other side of the Eyeliner to the rest of your eye. This will help you to make the best and perfect Eyeliner without any shaking problem. It seems to be an easy waterproof and smudged liner. 

It is considered in the best Winged Eyeliner that has made easiness to make liner on the eye without any problem. It has excellent reviews from the users. You can easily buy it from an online store of Lovior. This product of Lovior is Flick Stick, Waterproof of Makeup, Smudged proof. The exciting part is that it’s long-lasting. Once you make liner on your eye, it will be there till you removed it hard because it has a long-lasting liquid eyeliner pen, Vamp Style Wing, and two Wingliner pens of 10mm classic long.

As you know, girls consider it very difficult to make a liner on the eye. So, once you line up the stamp at the eye corner, you can complete the rest of the line through the liner’s other pit side. The stamp will make you look like a cat. It is waterproof and smudge-proof because it contains Candelilla wax and Carnauba wax, which helps the liner dry quickly and hold for a long time. During the liner, it doesn’t matter you take a bath or sweat. Don’t bother these things. Your liner will be there. You can remove it also through facial cleansing oil or any eyeliner remover.

The most exciting thing is that you don’t have to dip it into any Ink because the pen contains the ink inside. The brush or pot things are not required for this. The liner is so smooth and satisfying. You will love it once you make the line on your eye. 

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