Learning Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics

As we are living in an extremely techno-savvy world, everything is relied upon on the web and computers whether or not that’s movie or entertainment, communication, transportation, medicine, shopping, etc. However it’s brought an occurrence of a brand new crime that’s known as cybercrime. With the excess dependency on computers and also the web, the negligent behavior in using them will attract cybercrimes and thefts. In actual terms, cyber security protects your personal info through responding, detecting, and preventing attacks.

Cyber security is geared for minimizing cyber risks and crimes. It’s instrumental in preventing the entry of viruses into your system, manipulation of files, modification of passwords, accessing credit card data, and unauthorized purchases. For this, we want cyber security specialists. Cyber Degree Hub offers reliable details associated with the cyber security courses. The courses offered are on cyber forensics, encryption, network security, etc.

What is cyber forensics? 

Cyber Forensics is all regarding the application of computer investigation and analysis of techniques for locating potential legal proof. Cyber forensics is the method of identification, seizure, preserving, analyzing, and presenting digital proof in an exceedingly manner which will be acceptable in court.

Computer forensics analysts facilitate the investigation in nailing crimes and cyber security incidents. In most of the cases, they recover hidden, encrypted, or deleted info associated with the case. They additionally safeguard the integrity of data through a series of procedures that square measure permissible in court.

The cyber forensic involves the following aspects: 

  • Carrying out the cyber forensics investigation
  • Establishing a Policy that take out digital evidence which should be preserved and handled with extreme care
  • Assessing Potential Evidence
  • Collection of digital evidence 
  • Checking of digital evidence, Documenting and Reporting the Findings

Online computer forensics

Online computer forensics covers a colossal space of information investigation and retrieval. This includes web crimes, email abuse & frauds, and commerce of holding. If you think that solely hackers are committing on-line crimes, then that don’t seem to be true. In some cases, computer forensics analysts are brought to investigate company staff and business executive crimes. Some organizations rent or use computer forensics consultants to stay track of their staff and their daily habits. There are websites like cyber degree hubs that supply details regarding computer forensics courses.

Today, there are many people involved in illegal online activities, such as child pornography sites and trading of information. In such cases, the cyber forensic experts are called on to gather evidence against them. These practices can be prosecuted without proper know-how from online computer forensics experts.  

The syllabus of cyber forensics includes: 

  • Basics of Networking
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime 
  • Data storage Basics 
  • File Systems- FAT/NTFS
  • Network Tracing Route
  • Identification of the Address
  • Network tracing the e-mail headers
  • Search, Seizure, Forensics, and PDA Forensics
  •  Legal features of Cyber Crime 
  • IT Act, regulations and Privacy Issues
  • Law enforcement 
  • File System Analysis with Cyber Check 
  • Technical aspects of Cyber Crime
  • Digital Evidence Seizure/Acquisition
  • Digital Evidence Seizure/Acquisition for Mobile

Cyber Degree Hub provides information about the courses involving cyber forensics and cyber security. The aspirants can check on course details, course fees, and course syllabus and the job prospects before the completion of their study.

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