Learn How to Grow Your Business from These Industry Professionals

Who are some of the most brilliant business minds that you would love to learn from? There are successful entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe, but some stand out as highly desirable. They include:

Mark Cuban: This is one of the most famous billionaires and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team. He has had several successful businesses acquired and he’s one of the ‘Sharks’ on the hit TV show “Shark Tank.” Getting Mr. Cuban to give you practical business tips might be difficult.

Elon Musk: As the founder of Tesla, Mr. Musk has built a multi-billion-dollar business. His ideas are forward-thinking and while you may never have the opportunity to sit down in a room with him and ask questions there is one tip you can take from his success: never be afraid to chase your dreams. Many people doubted him along the way but he keeps proving every critic wrong.

Mark Zuckerberg: He created something that changed the way we live and the way we communicate. Good luck getting this guy to help you grow your business. Instead, use him for inspiration. If he can do it, you can also.

Daymond John: Another “Shark Tank” entrepreneur, he started a clothing line that made it big and he did so by going door to door selling his t-shirts and hats in the early day. He sold out of the trunk of his car, and this is the type of mentality you have to have in order to be successful. Do whatever it takes.

Kevin O’Leary: Yet another “Shark Tank” regular, every business owner should take one lesson from Mr. O’Leary, and that is numbers never lie. You need sales and revenue to grow a business. Without that, you don’t have a business.

Marcus Lemonis: This entrepreneur specializes in helping failing businesses recover and become successful. It’s interesting to see that even a struggling business can be turned around when you pivot and make changes according to current times and the current market. You can learn a lot by watching his actions.

Evan Spiegel: Snapchat introduced features that were not available on social media until Instagram copied the app. This is a good lesson: competition will copy you, but that doesn’t mean your business will end. You just have to always be focused on innovation.

While these are the heavy hitters and more public business minds, that doesn’t mean you cannot learn from lesser-known business owners. There are countless entrepreneurs and business owners that have built very successful companies that you have never heard of before.

But they have experience and insight that could potentially help your business. So, how do you learn from people you don’t know? We are going to introduce you to ten very successful business minds that are going to each share one helpful tip with you.

Infographic by Hustler Alliance.

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